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Youtube Life **ALL NEW UPLOADS**

Not much to be thankful for from some people but im at 11 youtube subbies thank you for the subbies, likes, comments & shares. XOXO

Follow me or just watch, comment like or share @shanicekalexanderia on youtube. More awesomeness coming soon. Between tonight & tomorrow look out for my new video hair brush straightener review & tutorial.

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My Recent Uploads:

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Younow life

Hi, Angel’s

As you all can see from my tweet. Younow has changed the name of my channel an took all my followers i still have my other one but i don’t understand why they are changing it and putting it under a new name it;s not linking to my twitter account anymore either. So here is the new link https://www.younow.com/ShaniceKAlexanderia

I don’t really understand why they are doing this but oh well i guess it’s time for a new channel I’ve had my other one since 8/31. :/ But i love my angels so much so i wrote down everybody names and i refollowed everybody so follow me back on my new channel and i’ll be talking to you soon.

Follow me and keep watching i’ll post the links myself to my twitter or on my blog under the title younow life. Love you Angel’s ttyl XOXO 🙂

Bloglovin’ **Must See Awesome Post**

Hi, Angel’s I hope your weekend is starting off great. 🙂 Mine…it’s going. Suck in the house for a few days…the weather in my area in bad. It started snowing the other day and haven’t stopped since. Today I’ve decided to just do some work online, class work, find some awesome stuff for you all to check out and edit my new youtube videos.

So…. I was looking at my emails and notice some awesome stuff that i think you all would like to check out. My new fav website is Bloglovin’ and YES i love this website. Awesome post and how-to’s, make up advice, fashion & more.

I wanted to share a few links that I think are worth checking out… Enjoy talk to you soon. XOXO

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**27 black owned companies making inroads in the cosmetic industry:



**5 simple tips to getting a good nights sleep:



**5 ways to nurture your happiness by de-stressing your life: