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NEW Youtube Uploads From Shanice K Alexande’ria

Hi, Angels & Angelmen I just uploaded some new videos please go and check out my channel. If you haven’t already subscribed please do it would really mean a lot to me and it free to subscribe. Give my video a thumbsΒ up if you would please. I have more fun awesome videos to come.



Youtube did not let me upload one VLOG video because I was in buckles and it was music playing and I was in there talking to my new youtube friend for about 30mins. So I’m sorry you all if I can find a way to just post it on my blog I will but if not that blog will not show up on my page if I cant get it to upload.



Halloween Makeup

These are some really amazing makeup looks for Halloween i really hope you guys injoy them and comment below if you would like for me to find a look for you and your welcome to just comment below about anything and subscribe to these girls channels they are awesome. πŸ™‚









Hi, Angels & Angelmen

Hi everyone I wanted to let you know i got a little busy yesterday bestie came by and we had girls morning and talked a little business and then i had to work and do class work so i wasn’t able to post yesterday hopefully today i’ll be able to post I told you all that i have a lot of blogs that I know you all will love and enjoy and again thank you for your comments and being apart of my blog life

XOXO ttyl πŸ™‚ -SKA

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Hello 2015

Check out my photo’s from all year 2015!!! I will be posting in this photo album until January 2ed, 2016


It’s just pretty little old me LOL

So some of you Angel’s now i hate cell phone selfies. So i take my selfies with my laptop. I have a gateway laptop an it takes pretty pictures. πŸ™‚ All these pics are fresh. I took them yesterday and the other day! I cut the front part of my hair (sew in part) into a flipped back side bang. πŸ™‚ Well Angel’s i’m bout to shower and get dressed gotta get my nails done today and i’m not sure how many client’s i’ll have so i’ll ttyl. XOXO have a great day an i’ll be back with some awesome post and a Q&A post. I can’t wait to do this Q&A because i gotta lot to say about these questions. LOL