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NEW Youtube Uploads From Shanice K ALexande’ria

Hi, Angels & Angelmen I just uploaded some new videos please go and check out my channel. If you haven’t already subscribed please do it would really mean a lot to me and it free to subscribe. Give my video a thumbs up if you would please. I have more fun awesome videos to come.



Youtube did not let me upload one VLOG video because I was in buckles and it was music playing and I was in there talking to my new youtube friend for about 30mins. So I’m sorry you all if I can find a way to just post it on my blog I will but if not that blog will not show up on my page if I cant get it to upload.


5 Min DIY by. ShaAlex

Hi, Angels & Angelmen

Thank you for checking out this BLOG I really do appreciate it. And please give this blog a thumbs up and share. If you recreated this 5 min DIY please comment below and add your pics. -if you post it on your social media tag me in it with the hastag #alexangelz twitter: @ shanicekalex

In this blog, Iwilll be showing you all how I created these glamorous makeup brush & flower holders.

You will not believe how easy it was, how fast and how many items you will need to create this.

Let’s get started 🙂

You will need:

Glue gun Scissors


Ribbon (any color)

Fabric (any color/design/style)

Charms (any kind)

1 large container

1 small container

& last but not least a smile and good vibes 🙂

**For my Large container I used a Disinfected wipes container and for small, I used a clear restroom cup “toothbrush cup”**

(If you are under the age of 12 please ask your parents to help you with this DIY * safety first)

How to:

First I laid down my fabric on my makeup table (you can use the floor/ kitchen table/ wherever is best for you- just make sure it’s in a place where you won’t mess up with the hot glue because it can get a little messy and please be careful with the glue)

I measured how much I would need to cover the containers all the way around I didn’t add fabric on the bottom or in the inside just at the very top of the inside just to help keep the fabric in place while being wrapped around the container- I would suggest this because if the fabric is just wrapped around- depending on what you put in your container you can put it up and the fabric may slide off 😦

I then cut the fabric and glued down one side of the fabric rolled it up on the table so it could be nice and tight and properly pressed against the container well – just to make it look good- I then put glue around the top part of the fabric and stuck it to the inside of the container “cup”

Finished with the container 🙂 Now on to the ribbon and & Charms

I cut my ribbon to fit around the container. Glued it on. And then cut some more ribbon -enough to make a bow-

How to put the charm and bow on – Quick & easy DIY ribbon. 🙂

I laid my Charm in the middle of the 2ed cut piece of ribbon and added hot glue to the loop area “where you would usually slide your necklace through” -FOR HELP LOOK AT THE PICTURES BELOW- put enough glue so the charm will stay in place

I let that dry then add more glue to that area along side the glue I added for the charm and looped one side of the ribbon over – add more glue on top of that looped piece of fabric and looped over the other side of the ribbon.

Turned the ribbon over and added glue to the back and placed it “what you consider the front of your container.

Link to where I purchased my unicorn brushes and pillow cases below -very bottom of this blog-

1: What you will need, how to start off your container & how to apply the charm w/ easy ribbon technique



2: close up of small container “restroom tooth brush cup” & apply the ribbonIMG_20170901_140207

3: Small container “cup” closer look


4: Large container closer look


Link to where I purchased my unicorn brushes and pillow cases below -very bottom of this blog-

All Done!! 🙂 IMG_20170901_152932

Link to where I purchased my unicorn brushes and pillow cases below -very bottom of this blog-

Looking good!! 🙂 IMG_20170901_153023






Beautiful colorful Rainbow unicorn brushes:


Beautiful lady in flowers pilow cases:

((over 30 different uniquely styles pillow cases to choose from))



Disclamer: To some it may take 10/25 mins to do this DIY -safty first-






Thank You in advance! :)

Hi, Angelz & Angelmen

In advance for whoever likes this weekends youtube vibes I really appreciate it and thank you for stopping by my blog. It really means a lot to me. I will be posting back to school blogs next weekend so we are going to be switching it up a little. GOT TO MAKE SURE THE KIDS ARE READY FOR SCHOOL 🙂

I hope that you all will enjoy that as well and if you come across some awesome back to school videos let me know in the comment section below and I will link your name in my back to school blog when I post mine 😉

That’s it for now. I love you all so much and thank you again for supporting my blog the likes and emails. It really means a lot to me. BYEEEEEE MY SWEETTTTT ANGELZZZ SUCH SWEET LITTLE BABIES!!! 🙂 XOXO

BYEEEEEE MY SWEETTTTT ANGELZZZ SUCH SWEET LITTLE BABIES!!! 🙂 XOXO <<lol I’m lowkey crazy yall don’t act like you forgot. lol 🙂

Weekend Youtube vibes….

Note: More will be added to this blog list if I decide to watch more videos/movies…

Thanks for checking out my Weekend Youtube Vibes Picks… 😉

*All the videos I’ve watched over the weekend*

I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

I think this is made for Raven to do. I love when she is in shows like this because this gives her the opportunity to really show off her talent she should stick with this and keep it going. I think raven is so funny & talented. I’m so happy for her and her success. 🙂 RAVENS HOME!! LOL 🙂

(after watching this… E2 & E3 should show up in your side bar ON youtube. com)


F***n Amazing.. sorry you guys but its true every creative idea in this video was truly amazing





I did go back the next day and get black lol i should have turned my phone to the side ways. I’m not a good vlogger lol




My new favorite movie. I love this. It’s old but I don’t care I never seen it before and I love it.

RIP Charlie Murphy

Youtube Life **ALL NEW UPLOADS**

Not much to be thankful for from some people but im at 11 youtube subbies thank you for the subbies, likes, comments & shares. XOXO

Follow me or just watch, comment like or share @shanicekalexanderia on youtube. More awesomeness coming soon. Between tonight & tomorrow look out for my new video hair brush straightener review & tutorial.

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Hey Angel’s

Hi, Angel’s & Angelmen. I hope your Christmas week is starting out lovely. My is going pretty good so far and my weekend was the compete boomdotcom. today i have to run  out and pay some bills go grocery shopping and finish up my last little bit of Christmas shopping. I’m so excited about Christmas i can’t wait for my family and friends to see the gifts i got for them and made for them. I’m sure i will be talking to you all before Christmas but if not I want to say i love you and thank you so much for supporting me and showing me your Christmas love. Thank you to all my new followers thank you for viewing my new you tubes and liking my post and commenting.I will be doing A LOT of videos very soon. I will be posting my upcoming youtube list soon as well. Again thank you and i hope you have the best week &Christmas ever XOXO talk to you soon. 🙂