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Weekend Youtube Vibes

Note: More will be added to this blog list if I decide to watch more videos/movies…

Thanks for checking out my Weekend Youtube Vibes Picks… 😉

*All the videos I’ve watched throughout the weekend between work, house cleaning and errands*

I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂


Fully loaded Awesomeness in one video 🙂 oooohhh yeahhhh <kicking up my legs> the joy of youtube OH YOUTUBE HOW I LOVE YOU SO 🙂 LOL

Us crafty people are making E6000 glue company/ “people” rich… just saying… #facts

Ran across a good one for my AlexAngelmen 😉 Enjoy guys!!





Advertising for your business

Hi, Angels & Angelmen

How are you this morning? I hope everyone is doing well.

In this blog I would like to talk to you all about how to advertise your business. Although I’ve been in business for awhile… I have to always refresh myself and think of other ways I can advertise my business and keep the ball rolling. With my knowledge and looking at a few other websites through google search I’ve came up with some pretty good tips to help my business continue to grow and i would like to share these tips with you all.

You may be starting out or have a business and you wanna keep the ball rolling or you have a business and business is going slow… Here are a few tips that I hope can help. If you have any questions please comment below it would be an honor to answer any of your questions. 🙂



*Establish your benefits for advertising

-Print, radio, television, online ads, business cards….

*Figure out your customer profile

-Location, gender…

*Create a brand

-Logo, design

*Hire an advertising agency or design your own ads

-Business cards, flyers, website

Good websites: Wix.com, webs.com, web.com

*Guarantee your products and services

*Buy advertising space in different media


*Promote through social media

-Facebook or create a facebook like page, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, indeed, Tumblr, craigslist, thumbtack….

*Write monthly or quarterly informational newsletters

-Emails, mailing “Text, DM, Social media messages -facebook, twitter”

*Offer specials to potential and current customers

*Encourage client referrals

*Partner with other businesses

*Partner with national brands

*Sell branded merchandise –Merchandise Example…

Hair stylist *combs, brushes, hair extensions, hair products…

Interior Design *Fabric, art work, decor pieces…

Art Boutique *Profesional art pencils, different types of drawing paper, watercolor…

Animal Groomer *You can make (DIY) puppy tote bags, collars, pillows….

That’s it angels I really hope you enjoy this blog if so please give it a like and your welcome to comment below with any questions I try to answer back to everyone that write me or if you would like to add some more advertising advice your welcome comment below I’m sure everyone would appreciate some extra tips. Have a fabulous weekend . XOXO


🎵🎵Hot NEWS: Kelly Clarkson Covers Sia

I’ve always been a fan on KC and this Halloween she has the look and voice to cover Sia. Check it out by clicking the link below.


🎵🎵Twitter: https://twitter.com/kelly_clarkson

🎵🎵Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kellyclarkson/

Time on my hands🎵🎵

Hi, Angels

It maybe Sunday, Monday, or Thursday….Whenever. You should stay active even on your off day…NO that doesn’t always mean go to the gym or YouTubing all day.

The older i get i notice on my days off it’s the usual chilling with friends, working out, YouTubing or in my case uploading a video to youtube. Which is fine and I enjoy it but I want to get into more things so i went online and did a little search and came across some awesome site for hobbies. I love to sew, do arts & crafts, sing, dance, cook. Butttttt…..I’m a Aries and if you know an Aries you’ll know that we are very active just as well as Aquarius & Sagittarius….

Well angel’s here are the links I hope you enjoy them. Let me know below which ones you enjoy doing in your spare time. 🙂


List of Hobbies

50 Most Popular Hobbies


Youtube Life Randoms ft. rire

Well my sis is back home and she wont to be apart of the blog right now so we are just looking at a lot of random YouTubes and we are going to be posting all the links!! 🙂


So i told my lil sis about retailmenot.com website…. i want to do a haul for her nd she really likes the fashion nova site so we got shop cute but on a budget cause i want some stuff to lol 🙂  If you guys haven’t been to retailmenot.com website please go check it out and save on anywhere you wanna shop at 😉 XOXO More blogs coming your way!

I lov this video i had to intorduce sis to peakmill

She has to meet Nitraa B i love her house to ome videos because im an interior designer so those videos are everything and me an my sis are kinda into the same thing.

Sorry you guys i had to stop and eat and conversate with family! I really hope enjyed all the videos today Another Midday blog love will be back very very soon! 😉 XOXO Love You!!