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Weekend Youtube Vibes

Note: More will be added to this blog list if I decide to watch more videos/movies…

Thanks for checking out my Weekend Youtube Vibes Picks… 😉

*All the videos I’ve watched throughout the weekend between work, house cleaning and errands*

I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂


Fully loaded Awesomeness in one video 🙂 oooohhh yeahhhh <kicking up my legs> the joy of youtube OH YOUTUBE HOW I LOVE YOU SO 🙂 LOL

Us crafty people are making E6000 glue company/ “people” rich… just saying… #facts

Ran across a good one for my AlexAngelmen 😉 Enjoy guys!!





Weekend Youtube vibes….

Note: More will be added to this blog list if I decide to watch more videos/movies…

Thanks for checking out my Weekend Youtube Vibes Picks… 😉

*All the videos I’ve watched over the weekend*

I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

I think this is made for Raven to do. I love when she is in shows like this because this gives her the opportunity to really show off her talent she should stick with this and keep it going. I think raven is so funny & talented. I’m so happy for her and her success. 🙂 RAVENS HOME!! LOL 🙂

(after watching this… E2 & E3 should show up in your side bar ON youtube. com)


F***n Amazing.. sorry you guys but its true every creative idea in this video was truly amazing





I did go back the next day and get black lol i should have turned my phone to the side ways. I’m not a good vlogger lol




My new favorite movie. I love this. It’s old but I don’t care I never seen it before and I love it.

RIP Charlie Murphy

2016 Movie List

Angel’s as you know I’m a movie lover. I have to keep the tea on what’s new so I can continue to build my movie collection. Here is the list to ALL the NEW 2016 movies released and coming soon. 🙂

Comment below on the movies you’ve seen and tell me is you’ll give It a thumbs UP 👍 or thumbs DOWN 👎 I will reply to all comments.

Enjoy!! 🙂


(New Movies) Movie List for November (Thanksgiving)

Hi Angels. If your looking for a good movie to watch during Thanksgiving here is the list of movies coming out before and after thanksgiving. 🙂 Comment and tell me witch one your going to see. I wanna see Creed 🙂

Check out these links. Info on movie, date release, small movie clips and more!

Nov. 25





Nov. 27





Full list of movies coming out in November 2015


Movie Review!!!

Ant Man:

I really love this movie it makes me think of Tron mix with a animal movie. LOL The jumping and flying around is shoot very well. I love all the action and the movie was well put together. And it was kinda funny to. This movie really caught my attention. I thought at first when my friend said the name of it I was like OMG this bout to be boring and crazy but i like it. 🙂

War Room:

Seriously everyone has to watch this movie. Its really really good. I don’t want to give any details away that’s how good this movie was. Please Angel’s go and check out this movie.