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Its really funny how I watched over my video and it has a babydoll video next LOL youtube what you trying to say HUH <in my white chicks movie voice> im gonna write a letter…. LOL j/k





Youtube Life **ALL NEW UPLOADS**

Not much to be thankful for from some people but im at 11 youtube subbies thank you for the subbies, likes, comments & shares. XOXO

Follow me or just watch, comment like or share @shanicekalexanderia on youtube. More awesomeness coming soon. Between tonight & tomorrow look out for my new video hair brush straightener review & tutorial.

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Younow Life & MissUSA 2016


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Hi Angel

I was just on younow talking about MissUSA i was so happy and excited that VA was called first in the top 10 but it all good she didn’t make it in the top 5 Im a little sad but it’ okay and i wa going for her not only is she gorgdotorg but she had grace and style and body was everything, pretty smile and she had a nice dress on but  now that’s it’s done to the top 5 i think it should be Hawaii or Dist of Columbia.

The reason for e really writing this blog is because i think they should stop MissUSA at 30. I’m so sad that i missed it by 1 year and this is not only just for me but i think stopping it at 30 would be just a better look for the show and have more options to choose from and the age just seems better, the questions shouldnt be to strong it was another one as well watch the 2ed video…. What do you think Angels & Angelmen Comment below XOXO

..after the show recap: I really thought Hawaii was going to win and i was wrong watch the 2d video and find out why i was wrong @-2:27

Bday & Chill

Hey angel i hope your Monday went well. My bday turned out great had my time with my brother and i went out to eat, shopping and to the movies. I seen The Perfect Match and it was awesome I love that movie they should have played these to song thru the whole movie because it describes it perfectly.



Know i’m about to chill wait on my company to get here and just thank god for letting me see another bday and i’m so thankful it came out go and everything went well. I love my gifts and most of all angels i love that some of you showed me so much love today. I really do thank you and you started my day off. I love you so much. I did post a bday video on my youtube so go and check that out and also i made a younow video as well. I will be on younow tomorrow to just talk to you all about whatever just a bunch of babble lol 🙂 XOXO ttyl have a great night and talk to you tomorrow.

PS. Thank you for the love fb, twitter, IG……….

Merry Christmas Angel’s

Hi, Angel’s I hope your having a very merry Christmas and i wish you the best of joy and fun on these day & tomorrow. Thank you so much to my new followers and an thank you all for liking my new post and reaching out to me by email, IG/ DM & twitter. It really means alot to me. I’m so happy to have you all in my life you have really made me a better person and also i’m happy to have met such wonderful people. 🙂 You are like my gifts year around…that may sound weird but yes you are a gift to me…i like gifts gifts make me happy and smile and that;s what you all do for me everyday i wake up an see your wonderful notes, emails & dm’s 🙂 A gift of joy!

I will be having some more awesome Youtube video’s coming up very soon i want to say….either on Christmas day or the day after…let’s just say between tomorrow and the 27th 🙂 Videos: What I got for Christmas, my purse collection, room tour, how to get the job/ great interview tips/ resume tips (this will be set as video’s in part 1, 2 & 3), happy new year/ SKA 2016 goals, why i love my angel’s so much, Q&A with SKA & so much more….these video’s will be posted between now and January 10th…if you have some some video ideas in mind contact me at… email: ShaniceKalex@icloud.com, DM/IG: @PrincessShanice or @iam_ska, Twitter: @ShaniceKAlex, write a comment on this post (any post) on wordpress ,  facebook: www.facebook.com/CreativeMindCorporationsByShanice , Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/shanicekalex

use the hashtag or subject line #alexangel or #alexangelmen

Thank you also for following me on pinterest @ShaniceKAlex i really didnt know i had 400 followers lol I’m currently pinning right now and following people back. I stopped to write this post to you all. 🙂 Thank you so much! I love you Angel’s & Angelmen luv you HAPPY HOLIDAY’S talk to you soon! Enjoy your Christmas XOXO

Note: for the past week i didnt also now that my IG post wasnt posting to my twitter i just fixed so check out the post from today to 1week ago on my twitter @shaniceKAle right now. 😉 XOXO bye babs talk to you later.


Hey Angel’s

Hi, Angel’s & Angelmen. I hope your Christmas week is starting out lovely. My is going pretty good so far and my weekend was the compete boomdotcom. today i have to run  out and pay some bills go grocery shopping and finish up my last little bit of Christmas shopping. I’m so excited about Christmas i can’t wait for my family and friends to see the gifts i got for them and made for them. I’m sure i will be talking to you all before Christmas but if not I want to say i love you and thank you so much for supporting me and showing me your Christmas love. Thank you to all my new followers thank you for viewing my new you tubes and liking my post and commenting.I will be doing A LOT of videos very soon. I will be posting my upcoming youtube list soon as well. Again thank you and i hope you have the best week &Christmas ever XOXO talk to you soon. 🙂