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Youtube Life **ALL NEW UPLOADS**

Not much to be thankful for from some people but im at 11 youtube subbies thank you for the subbies, likes, comments & shares. XOXO

Follow me or just watch, comment like or share @shanicekalexanderia on youtube. More awesomeness coming soon. Between tonight & tomorrow look out for my new video hair brush straightener review & tutorial.

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My Recent Uploads:

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Hey my sweet little angels :)

Hey Angels.

I miss you miss you think i wanna kiss you. LOL j/k Well angels i got a new job as a personal assistant an I love it. To all my new angels let me get you up to date on whats going on. Well i told my star angels a few weeks ago i was letting one of my occupations go and i had to find a job to match the pay up with my other jobs to keep everything going…..so finally god was like okay she being a good girl let me give her a job lol j/k no seriously god blessed me with this job i’m a personal assistant for him and i help him run his company. As you notice on my fb like page you can find this like page on my blog side just keep scrolling down it should be on your right hand side under creative mind company by shanice **click follow 🙂 * anyway i posted something about if your looking for armed and unarmed security call this number that,s the place i work for and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this job so much its my type of this and i have experience do to me running my own business dealing with computers, paper work, time sheets, keeping files in order, and places i have to send things to, emails, answering the phone…blah blah blah….I’ve already got people asking so are you stopping youtube, blogging and your businesses NOOOOO LAWRD NOOO. How can i leave my sweet little angels NO NO NO. 🙂 I will still be doing all that stuff cause i’m off on the weekends. I love doing hair, nail art, blogging and youtube because i feel that i have the personality to do that stuff, i love to sew and make stuff….i couldn’t let my boutique go anyway because I’m to deep into it 1 for 3yrs and the other for 5mths. I like having a boutique i meet so many awesome people same with blogging. The nail shop i go to gave me my first nail table this weekend to no matter what i do god wont let me walk away from my passions and i feel that he feel i can do all this cause he continue to grow my business and bless me with stuff. Angels I’m sure some of you feel where I’m coming from . I will be doing some blogs soon at work or at home…. blogging will happen regardless 🙂 lol Around 2pm things get slow so it gives me time to work on my stuff. So angel the next blogs i know for sure i have coming up are fashion blogs, nails, DIY………..and some other awesome stuff. The fashion blogs are going to be about my looks for my first week of work. The second week witch will start tomorrow will be a little more dress down mix with casual my boss told me i didn’t have to dress up but i can if i wont to….i like to conduct myself well because i do the same for my business. But my first week looks i’m putting into a blog. Well angels i’m bout to go and finish this room i’m redecorating because i have to put up this nail table in my work space at home. XOXO love you i hope you had a great weekend. ttyl.

Also i wont to say thank you to my new followers and thank you to my angels that continue to follow me and being with my thru my journey. XOXO

Get ready with me Part 1/2/3

Hey Angels so let me give you the tea. I was in the mist of editing over about 17 videos and tell me why i lost it all. Not all 17 at least 11 or 12 i was bout done….IDK what happen IDK if i let someone use my computer and they clicked on something or maybe i did it im not sure so long story short no more waiting im ready to get all these videos up and on youtube for view i can always go back and repost the updated one or leave it like it is and only edit the ones im doing from May 2016 & up. So here is a video i made in Feb 2016 its a get ready with me video i put it in 3 parts because ..lol….this was my first get ready with me video and it turned out to be so long i was so upset to loose my edited one so  just broke it down. in 3 parts and posted it. So all videos from feb to the end of april will be no editing just all raw recording lol angels you get to see it all. It so funny because after i watched the videos i was like ppl may like that it isnt all edited full of music cutting on and off and really get o see my cut up. In video 2 i think its video 1 or 2 i know its not in 3. The handle on my make up brush falls off i put it back on and kept going LOL i was like OMG i really wont this to be cut out its so embarrassing but oh well i dont think my angels would mind seeing my flat brush fly on the floor…LMBO!! I will be posting a video every 4 to 7 days since i have so many. I will be rerecording my purse collection video because Ive gotten 5 or 6 new purses since the new year. Love you angels. I hope you like the videos please like subby and comment. XOXO ttyl



Lights, Camera….Fashion

Hi, Angels not to brag or anything I just wanted to make another blog for my bday just cause I’m up and have nothing to do its super early I been up since 6 I don’t have to work until 1pm…..for my bday I had a look to transition from day to night nothing to fancy but something I can be comfortable in all day here is a slide show and the youtube video I made yesterday.

Shirt- Ed Hardy from Citi Trends / Pants- Orange jeggings from Ebay / Hair – Big curly hair from Twinkle deals / Day Purses- Black and gold quilted purse from Mercari / Night Purse- Red & gold matte quilted hand made clutch purse made by me from CSW Boutique / Day Shoes- Timberland boots / Night Shoes: All gold sparkle heels from my favorite store Charlotte Russe *Last pictures- Youtube video Cover & Bday gifts*

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My Bday gifts & Plans



How to Choose the Right Career


For me is was kind hard because i was blessed with a lot of skills and i’m very thankful for what God gave me an the work my mom put into me.

Hair, nails, make-up, skin care from 2005 to present & currently doing massage 4yrs experience, i went to school for interior design, getting a little bit of skills from the health & Style Institute, Writing poems & short stories as a child, Singing, dancing, sewing, my mom putting me in front of the computer doing typing classes -i have no clue how fast i type know i gave up on keeping up with it LOL-, Being in ROTC in high school for 2 yrs, etiquette classes, drawing, making clothes & purses, art’s & crafts, chorus for 2yrs in high school. I was put in Honors Civics in high school -the HARDEST class EVER!-, designing websites, doing work for foundations & 5K walks, modeling, beauty pageants, a little bit of photography -i got into that because i just love capturing a beautiful moment-, cooking, baking, mentoring upcoming models, helping people…..you see what i mean??

Tell this day i have no clue what i want to do -just building up my resume & trying new things- i’m just blessed and thankful that i can do those things & experienced things in high school -my mom being the best MOM ever- to help me get to where i am today. I can switch it up, make money from my talents & skills, help people, giving advice, donating to foundations… #Loveit 🙂

I don’t wanna live everyday of my life doing the same thing over & over again -9 to 5- #Boring

Thanks Blochers XOXOXO S.A

P.S as you can see i just speak from my heart whatever runs across my mind i type it…so sorry for the sloppiness…LOL

My 1st Award

Thank you http://agoodlittlenothing.wordpress.com/ for the award i really do appreciate it. 🙂

ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD GOES TO SKA one lovely blog award

7 Fact about Me:

I’m black, white, creek & Cherokee Indian

I love to sew

I can sing

I type really fast

My Mom is my best friend and i hate that she is not here with me. She passed away 2 weeks before my birthday this year 2014 **RIP MOM I LOVE YOU AN MISS YOU SO MUCH*

I went to school for interior design

I’m a model

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