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Synup.com Business Advertising site

Hi, Angels, I wanted to let you all know about this site I just found called Synup I really like the people and they are connected with all major search engines. I can’t wait to start working with them. I think you would really get a lot of business for the price. Note the price is out cheap. From $200 to $360 they will advertise your business on 38 different website/ search engines/ business advertising sites. I’m not getting paid to promote for them I just really enjoy the great customer service and they worked out a deal with me on helping me to advertise my business and I thought that was really nice because some sites are just out to drain every cent from your pocket.

This is the site address Synup.com and here is the link to twitter.


Advertising for your business

Hi, Angels & Angelmen

How are you this morning? I hope everyone is doing well.

In this blog I would like to talk to you all about how to advertise your business. Although I’ve been in business for awhile… I have to always refresh myself and think of other ways I can advertise my business and keep the ball rolling. With my knowledge and looking at a few other websites through google search I’ve came up with some pretty good tips to help my business continue to grow and i would like to share these tips with you all.

You may be starting out or have a business and you wanna keep the ball rolling or you have a business and business is going slow… Here are a few tips that I hope can help. If you have any questions please comment below it would be an honor to answer any of your questions. 🙂



*Establish your benefits for advertising

-Print, radio, television, online ads, business cards….

*Figure out your customer profile

-Location, gender…

*Create a brand

-Logo, design

*Hire an advertising agency or design your own ads

-Business cards, flyers, website

Good websites: Wix.com, webs.com, web.com

*Guarantee your products and services

*Buy advertising space in different media


*Promote through social media

-Facebook or create a facebook like page, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, indeed, Tumblr, craigslist, thumbtack….

*Write monthly or quarterly informational newsletters

-Emails, mailing “Text, DM, Social media messages -facebook, twitter”

*Offer specials to potential and current customers

*Encourage client referrals

*Partner with other businesses

*Partner with national brands

*Sell branded merchandise –Merchandise Example…

Hair stylist *combs, brushes, hair extensions, hair products…

Interior Design *Fabric, art work, decor pieces…

Art Boutique *Profesional art pencils, different types of drawing paper, watercolor…

Animal Groomer *You can make (DIY) puppy tote bags, collars, pillows….

That’s it angels I really hope you enjoy this blog if so please give it a like and your welcome to comment below with any questions I try to answer back to everyone that write me or if you would like to add some more advertising advice your welcome comment below I’m sure everyone would appreciate some extra tips. Have a fabulous weekend . XOXO


HOT NEWS: DMV Promo????? 😶

Hey Angel’s & Angelmen

I ran across this awesome email today and this is going to be great for all the upcoming business owners or people that have been in business for years and still trying to gain a good flowing clientele.

Well in this email it say….. You can promote your business in the DMV.

Most DMV’s in my areas (NC/SC/VA) are updated with small flat screen tv’s in the lobby area. On the screens you will see all new updates about the DMV and it’s location and contact info along with other advertisements from companies/ businesses.

Well for $115 mth you can be in every DMV in your “area”. I’m unsure if this is just a local thing or it shows on DMV’s screens worldwide. Click the link below to find out more information.

I hope you enjoyed this HOT NEWS update more HOT NEWS updates to come in the future. XOXO Talk to you in my next blog.


Hey my sweet little angels :)

Hey Angels.

I miss you miss you think i wanna kiss you. LOL j/k Well angels i got a new job as a personal assistant an I love it. To all my new angels let me get you up to date on whats going on. Well i told my star angels a few weeks ago i was letting one of my occupations go and i had to find a job to match the pay up with my other jobs to keep everything going…..so finally god was like okay she being a good girl let me give her a job lol j/k no seriously god blessed me with this job i’m a personal assistant for him and i help him run his company. As you notice on my fb like page you can find this like page on my blog side just keep scrolling down it should be on your right hand side under creative mind company by shanice **click follow 🙂 * anyway i posted something about if your looking for armed and unarmed security call this number that,s the place i work for and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this job so much its my type of this and i have experience do to me running my own business dealing with computers, paper work, time sheets, keeping files in order, and places i have to send things to, emails, answering the phone…blah blah blah….I’ve already got people asking so are you stopping youtube, blogging and your businesses NOOOOO LAWRD NOOO. How can i leave my sweet little angels NO NO NO. 🙂 I will still be doing all that stuff cause i’m off on the weekends. I love doing hair, nail art, blogging and youtube because i feel that i have the personality to do that stuff, i love to sew and make stuff….i couldn’t let my boutique go anyway because I’m to deep into it 1 for 3yrs and the other for 5mths. I like having a boutique i meet so many awesome people same with blogging. The nail shop i go to gave me my first nail table this weekend to no matter what i do god wont let me walk away from my passions and i feel that he feel i can do all this cause he continue to grow my business and bless me with stuff. Angels I’m sure some of you feel where I’m coming from . I will be doing some blogs soon at work or at home…. blogging will happen regardless 🙂 lol Around 2pm things get slow so it gives me time to work on my stuff. So angel the next blogs i know for sure i have coming up are fashion blogs, nails, DIY………..and some other awesome stuff. The fashion blogs are going to be about my looks for my first week of work. The second week witch will start tomorrow will be a little more dress down mix with casual my boss told me i didn’t have to dress up but i can if i wont to….i like to conduct myself well because i do the same for my business. But my first week looks i’m putting into a blog. Well angels i’m bout to go and finish this room i’m redecorating because i have to put up this nail table in my work space at home. XOXO love you i hope you had a great weekend. ttyl.

Also i wont to say thank you to my new followers and thank you to my angels that continue to follow me and being with my thru my journey. XOXO

GM Angels & Angelmen :)

Good morning Angels & Angelmen

I just wanted to stop in an say Hi and i hope that you have a great day. Thank you so much for all the likes on my Ipsy March review post last night. I woke up to over 10+ likes and i was like OMG i’m so happy you all liked it. The April bag should be here soon and i will be writing a review and making a youtube video about that one as well. I also have to do a review about Tyme Academy Makeup school. I love this school so much for a lot of reason….Tyme really gets into details about every little thing dealing with makeup, the price is good and she a a great makeup artist, you can do you class work on your own time…if you have a busy sch you can always come back later and finish where you left off…as long as your paying you still have an active account. I have a mth left and after that i will be graduating 🙂 YEAAAAA! I cant wait because I’ve really put my heart into this and it will be such a big accomplishment for me because with my work sch and dealing with other things i thought i would have to drop out but i stayed focused and kept my sch book by my bed side and made it happen. I did slow down for about 2 weeks due to everything that’s going on. Nothing bad tho. And i’m back at. I have 2 test left really 1 because ill be doing 1 test today or either tomorrow. 🙂 Well Angels that’s it for now. I just wanted to say hi and stop in and wish you a good morning an  hope your day/ week is full of joy, success and happiness. I love you so much and thank you for your support and being with me thru my journey XOXO love you ttyl 😉

Hi, Angels

I hope everyone is having a great December (holiday). I’m going to be posting some new video’s on YouTube soon i’m so excited because i’m getting use to it now and it’s becoming a little bit of and addiction. lol 🙂 And because of my angel’s I’m so happy that i still have to courage to do these video’s. I have so much stuff to do you guys starting this new boutique trying to work and get my body right for my upcoming photo shoot, getting a new car, and trying to figure out if i want to move or just buy this place i’m in now cause I’m currently renting right now. youtube videos, and a million other things..lol I had a blast today angel’s My family and friends came by today and we went out to eat and drink a little bit, talk business and back in the day memories…we had a blast. When i first got up I worked on my new boutique a little bit you can check out what i got up so far i still have to add the rest of the items that I have in stock now and i’m still waiting on stuff from china to get to me. I have to do my hair this week to angel’s OHH LAWRD..it’s really like a 5 to 8 tep program to get my hair in order…wash/ condition/ scalp treatment/ press/ style…and depending on the style it seems like I be in the bathroom for 2 days LOL


I want to do more blogs this weekend but my internet has been acting so weird lately i had them come by today as well and check it out and they tell me it’s not because i upgraded to Windows 10 so Angel’s i have no clue what it could be…he told me the outlet my internet box was plugged into was loose but thats weird to because if that’s the case when i’m in my bed room on my laptop i’m not near the outlet so how could it knock it self loose… :/ they dont know either…but I tell you what before I pay my bill again it better start working right…somebody gone do something nothereforthatdotcom cause I have to talk to you guys and do these video’s I can’t risk this internet cutting off and cutting back on…who here for dat. And  love music so when i’m working i got to sing it help me focus lol if it’s not youtube video’s it’s pandora or sound cloud. **internet HAS TO WORK!!** LOL

pandora is in full affect right now as you read this lol *singing & typing*

Well angel’s let me finish this little bit of work online and check my email , shower…i have to make out my sch for the rest of the week. I’ll talk to you Angel’s & angelmen later. XOXO LOVE YOU!!!