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The Cuties Affordable Wardrobe

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Hi, Angelz

I did some research on Google.com and found some pretty interesting website that has cute affordable ladies fashion and I wanted to share it with you. So if you’re on a budget this blog is perfect for you and for those that aren’t you can save a little bit of coin. Check out all the website & names listed below to refresh your wardrobe while saving some coins. 😉 Thank me later go shopping. XOXO

If you know any other websites help other fashionistas save some coin I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. 🙂

Check out my next few blogs for Top Trending Affordable clothing websites for women & Men








ClothingUnder10.com (Which used to be 10dollarmall.com- love the new look and same great service. I’ve used this site a few times an I love it)




Poshmark.com/closet/Royalprincesssk (CSW Boutique)







New updates for CSWBoutique & SKAttire

Hi #CMC family… I have some good and bad news.
The good news is you can still order from my #poshmarkcloset and you also can catch me out and about at my booth on McConnell Road to purchase items right from me.
Bad #news is if you had somethings in your cart to purchase from #CSWBoutique from my website or #poshmark .com online or app you need to make that order now or in the next few days. I go back out to set up my booth tomorrow and taking CSW boutique on the road so I’m sure that a lot of my items will be going fast so again please go ahead and make your order today or sometime this week. 🙂 XOXO thank you for reading and please contact me if you need help with your poshmark closet or website order or more information on my #boutique or any items that you have on hold or want to put on hold. ((small Holding fee- for any items you would like to put on hold))

I will not be in the same area longer than a week so if you would like to come and see me at my #booth please contact me at 336-912-7449 or #email me at CreativeMindCorp2005@gmail.com Subject line: CSWB Where you at


(Brand NEW and lightly used items)


You can also check out my work and more information about the summer time fine sale on





Are my Angels looking for a sale?? :)

🙂 Hey Angels are we looking for a good sale or what?? 🙂

I see that some angels have liked last fall 2014 blog post about my fall sale. Well…….. Yes the sale is coming back but this year it will be the winter sale. I’m getting in new inventory…  i ordered a few things yesterday. I will be posting all new stuff in August. I started looking at things for the boutiques mid-July and i really like what I have coming in and i hope that you all will like them as well. If you have any ideas in mind for the boutique let me know…i love my angels so much i really want you all to be apart of it. The new inventory will be posted on my poshmark closet and on storenvy web page. I posted something this morning about my fall sale which was so weird because I had no idea this liked post was on my WordPress until now. LOL I’m really happy that i have faithful angels that pay attention and support me. And I’m really thankful to have you all in my life.

I posted something this morning on my FB like page about NEW items an it was so crazy because when i got on wordpress tonight i have some likes from my fall sale blog last year. LOL I’m really happy that i have faithful angels that pay attention and support me. I’m really thankful to have you all in my life.

Im doing a winter sale this year because i really didn’t have a chance to do one last year. I was just getting into the “seasonal sale life” I’ve done mini sales before but never for seasons so last year I learned a lot, took some notes did some more studying on how to start/grow a boutique….. but yes Angels a sale will be coming up very soon as well as  BLOG Madness day. Thanks for reading! Enjoy your Friday night XOXO


Hi, Angels

I hope all my lovely sweet Angels are enjoying this weather. I wanted to stop in and let you all know that my business number is back *****336-912-7449*****

I’m so happy i got me a new phone i will be more careful and keep my eye on my phone. The other number  used in my last alert video can still be used.

Please is you contact this umber let it be for business reasons only. Any calls outside of that will not be excepted at all.

Thank you for reading Angel’s I love you XOXO


Hi, Angel’s

I just wanted to let you know what was going on angels & angelmen. The other day i lost my business cell phone I cant find it I’ve searched everywhere so i called the cell phone company and they are shipping me a new one and i’ll be switching this number 336-912-7449 to the new phine * I know i know i got to be more careful 😦 * Im currently going to be using my home phone for business until the cell phone company sends me my new phone. I also posted this information on my twitter page. If you click on the link i just recently posted (craigslist) you will see the number I will also post it here. 336-617-8574 NOTE you can not text this phone number texting is not available on the phone AT ALL. Please if you call make sure it’s for business reasons only.* The Diva Express/ Pawrific Pet Club -pet care- / CSW Boutique / SKAttire * I will be using my home phone temporarily my new phone should arrive on April 22ed or a little after. Thank you for reading and understanding Angels Love you XOXO.

Lights, Camera….Fashion

Hi, Angels not to brag or anything I just wanted to make another blog for my bday just cause I’m up and have nothing to do its super early I been up since 6 I don’t have to work until 1pm…..for my bday I had a look to transition from day to night nothing to fancy but something I can be comfortable in all day here is a slide show and the youtube video I made yesterday.

Shirt- Ed Hardy from Citi Trends / Pants- Orange jeggings from Ebay / Hair – Big curly hair from Twinkle deals / Day Purses- Black and gold quilted purse from Mercari / Night Purse- Red & gold matte quilted hand made clutch purse made by me from CSW Boutique / Day Shoes- Timberland boots / Night Shoes: All gold sparkle heels from my favorite store Charlotte Russe *Last pictures- Youtube video Cover & Bday gifts*

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My Bday gifts & Plans



Shop CSW Boutique *ALL NEW ITEMS*



Check out all the new items in my boutique. Custom orders welcome. My Poshmark has listings for NEW and lightly used items. Offers are welcome on my poshmark site. Storenvy site ALL NEW items.

More new items posted every 2 weeks on poshmark. ALL NEW items posted May 2016 on storenvy