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Synup.com Business Advertising site

Hi, Angels, I wanted to let you all know about this site I just found called Synup I really like the people and they are connected with all major search engines. I can’t wait to start working with them. I think you would really get a lot of business for the price. Note the price is out cheap. From $200 to $360 they will advertise your business on 38 different website/ search engines/ business advertising sites. I’m not getting paid to promote for them I just really enjoy the great customer service and they worked out a deal with me on helping me to advertise my business and I thought that was really nice because some sites are just out to drain every cent from your pocket.

This is the site address Synup.com and here is the link to twitter.


Advertising for your business

Hi, Angels & Angelmen

How are you this morning? I hope everyone is doing well.

In this blog I would like to talk to you all about how to advertise your business. Although I’ve been in business for awhile… I have to always refresh myself and think of other ways I can advertise my business and keep the ball rolling. With my knowledge and looking at a few other websites through google search I’ve came up with some pretty good tips to help my business continue to grow and i would like to share these tips with you all.

You may be starting out or have a business and you wanna keep the ball rolling or you have a business and business is going slow… Here are a few tips that I hope can help. If you have any questions please comment below it would be an honor to answer any of your questions. 🙂



*Establish your benefits for advertising

-Print, radio, television, online ads, business cards….

*Figure out your customer profile

-Location, gender…

*Create a brand

-Logo, design

*Hire an advertising agency or design your own ads

-Business cards, flyers, website

Good websites: Wix.com, webs.com, web.com

*Guarantee your products and services

*Buy advertising space in different media


*Promote through social media

-Facebook or create a facebook like page, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, indeed, Tumblr, craigslist, thumbtack….

*Write monthly or quarterly informational newsletters

-Emails, mailing “Text, DM, Social media messages -facebook, twitter”

*Offer specials to potential and current customers

*Encourage client referrals

*Partner with other businesses

*Partner with national brands

*Sell branded merchandise –Merchandise Example…

Hair stylist *combs, brushes, hair extensions, hair products…

Interior Design *Fabric, art work, decor pieces…

Art Boutique *Profesional art pencils, different types of drawing paper, watercolor…

Animal Groomer *You can make (DIY) puppy tote bags, collars, pillows….

That’s it angels I really hope you enjoy this blog if so please give it a like and your welcome to comment below with any questions I try to answer back to everyone that write me or if you would like to add some more advertising advice your welcome comment below I’m sure everyone would appreciate some extra tips. Have a fabulous weekend . XOXO


HOT NEWS: DMV Promo????? 😶

Hey Angel’s & Angelmen

I ran across this awesome email today and this is going to be great for all the upcoming business owners or people that have been in business for years and still trying to gain a good flowing clientele.

Well in this email it say….. You can promote your business in the DMV.

Most DMV’s in my areas (NC/SC/VA) are updated with small flat screen tv’s in the lobby area. On the screens you will see all new updates about the DMV and it’s location and contact info along with other advertisements from companies/ businesses.

Well for $115 mth you can be in every DMV in your “area”. I’m unsure if this is just a local thing or it shows on DMV’s screens worldwide. Click the link below to find out more information.

I hope you enjoyed this HOT NEWS update more HOT NEWS updates to come in the future. XOXO Talk to you in my next blog.


Lost But Still Loved

Hi, Angels

I hope your weekend went well. I know your wondering what is SKA up to know with this title. Will I was talking to a friend just now an it got me thinking. I  have a best friend that lost her dad and i lost my mom and a set of twins. I know how that feels and i would like to help other people with healing. It may not take away the pain but it will help them to kinda keep motivated in their everyday life and goals and stay in happy spirits. After I lost my mom I felt like i lost myself for a little min. I couldn’t focus on work, my boutique or anything for that matter because i was so sad and depressed. With out god, my uncle, my twin & my best friend Tia i don’t think i would have made it. My best friend is also going thru it due to her dad passing and she really needs my support and i’m giving my all. I want to do that for others. So starting today LBSL is official if anyone needs my hep with looking for work, housing, motivation, ideas, food, clothes anything please email me at CreativeMindCorp2005@gmail.com subjectline: LBSL tell me your situation and i can find what you need in your area *reliable resources* as far as help with clothes & food, low income housing, work & anything dealing with advice, motivation, business ventures so on and so forth I will handle.

Angel’s if you know someone that’s dealing with this if you don’t need the help personally please send them to me. And I don’t charge for these services. An yes i do have experience my mom was in this type of working helping people and helping them find work so i learned a lot from her and for her i would like to keep it going. Note that after you email me about services we will talk over the phone (business line) so i can get more information and a real out look of what your looking for and needing. All numbers and email address will NOT be shared with anyone besides me/ creativemindcompany

The services are for men, women of any age. Pregnant teens looking for guidance. Serious inquiry only please.

It’s still good people out here in the world and i’m one of them and i’m willing to do the best i can to help because i know how it feels. XOXO SKA Thank you for reading talk to you soon.



Hi, Angel’s

Just wanted to stop i and say god morning and i hope you have a great thursday. I would like for you guys to please go over to my youtube channel and subscribe and thumbs up the videos you like.Your welcome to comment and share. This would mean a lot to me. Thank you and again i wish you the best day ever XOXO 🙂

And angel go and check out all my new pics 🙂 *Most recent at the bottom*

Make Money At Home…


Half.com > Sell books online

Craigslist > Sell stuff on craigslist like toys, clothes…. And post your ad (advertise)





Shuttershock & BigStock Photo > upload pics and get paid for it.

Etsy > sell your handmade items. Do not post any other items (I’ve used this site before an i didn’t know that you could only post handmade and vintage items and they kick me off the site)

Examiner > Write post and get paid (blogging)


Flea Market

MarketForce > Mystery shopping

Youtube > (get alot of views on your youtube and get paid for it)


I hope this help some of you new business owners and current business owners.