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HOT NEWS!! Tamar Braxton House Tour

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Tamar Braxton photographed in her home in Calabasas, California

Click the link here>>>>> http://site.people.com/home/tamar-braxton-champagne-bar/


Youtube Life **ALL NEW UPLOADS**

Not much to be thankful for from some people but im at 11 youtube subbies thank you for the subbies, likes, comments & shares. XOXO

Follow me or just watch, comment like or share @shanicekalexanderia on youtube. More awesomeness coming soon. Between tonight & tomorrow look out for my new video hair brush straightener review & tutorial.

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Deep In my feelings….

Hey , Angels I’m sure you see me going in on my twitter about this tamar thing with the real. If you could please comment below and tell me why you feel that she is getting kicked off the real it would really help. And use the hashtag #bringbacktamar on twitter, facebook….everywhere. I’m not sure if she wants to be back on the real but regardless I’m going to fight for her because I’m a big fan an o one should get treated this way. That’s like me saying I’m going to delete my blog why would i do that knowing that i have so many beautiful talented outgoing loving followers ***Angels & Angelmen*** that would be stupid of me. Angels please let me know how you feel and i love you and thank you for supporting me on this. This may seem small to some people but it means alot to me to let the real know what they are doing is wrong.

The Real/ Dancing with the stars

Today was Season 2 of the real and the sow was everything. Everybody looked beautiful all the girls are doing great the baby is gorgdotorg and i really think this season is really going to set it off for the girls they have so much stuff in mind from what i’ve seen online and on there IG page @therealdaytime and guess who will be on dancing with the stars TATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OMG! Angels i’m so ready to see the show tonight at 8 it’s 7:25 now i’m counting it down LOL i dont know why i love tata so much my best friend ask me that she was like why do you like her so much she said have you ever seen her before like performing. I really don’t know why i just do she real she speak her mind she don’t hold back she don’t care what others think she going to be her self regardless and i feel that i’m kinda like that. No i haven’t seen her perform but i will on dat just have to work it in to my sch and get the tickets and stuff and go but what i now of the area that i’m in the most she haven’t came here before….anyway…but yes she will be on dancing with the stars on ABC at 8 tonight so you guess vote Tata and lets get her to WIN!!! 🙂

Hey Angel’s

Hey Angel’s i hope you guys had a great week. Check out my site for on the spot updates.


I also have the new video by the fabulous Tamar Braxton ft. NeNe

News update: Tamar Braxton & K. Michelle


I’ll have the BFV video post tomorrow or Saturday morning XOXO 🙂

Love you guys talk to you very soon, XOXO Have a great weekend!