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Mid day Blog Love

Thank you so much Angels & Angelmen

I really do appreciate you all for the likes your welcome to comment & repost. I try my best to comment back to everyone. I really enjoyed my time with you all today! There will be many many many more Mid day blog love days! This is day one for mid day blog love we just getting started. The hours for mid day blog love will probably be from 2 to 8 or 3 to 6 something like that. I will NOT be a full day thing like blog madness. If there is any blogs you would like for me to post during blog love your welcome to comment below and let me know what things you would like for me to write about or during the next one you can comment at anytime while I’m blogging to let me know.

Well Angels thats it for blog love day 1 I hope you enjoyed it and be looking out for this picture for the next one XOXO 😉 Love you Good night!


Hey my sweet little angels :)

Hey Angels.

I miss you miss you think i wanna kiss you. LOL j/k Well angels i got a new job as a personal assistant an I love it. To all my new angels let me get you up to date on whats going on. Well i told my star angels a few weeks ago i was letting one of my occupations go and i had to find a job to match the pay up with my other jobs to keep everything going…..so finally god was like okay she being a good girl let me give her a job lol j/k no seriously god blessed me with this job i’m a personal assistant for him and i help him run his company. As you notice on my fb like page you can find this like page on my blog side just keep scrolling down it should be on your right hand side under creative mind company by shanice **click follow 🙂 * anyway i posted something about if your looking for armed and unarmed security call this number that,s the place i work for and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this job so much its my type of this and i have experience do to me running my own business dealing with computers, paper work, time sheets, keeping files in order, and places i have to send things to, emails, answering the phone…blah blah blah….I’ve already got people asking so are you stopping youtube, blogging and your businesses NOOOOO LAWRD NOOO. How can i leave my sweet little angels NO NO NO. 🙂 I will still be doing all that stuff cause i’m off on the weekends. I love doing hair, nail art, blogging and youtube because i feel that i have the personality to do that stuff, i love to sew and make stuff….i couldn’t let my boutique go anyway because I’m to deep into it 1 for 3yrs and the other for 5mths. I like having a boutique i meet so many awesome people same with blogging. The nail shop i go to gave me my first nail table this weekend to no matter what i do god wont let me walk away from my passions and i feel that he feel i can do all this cause he continue to grow my business and bless me with stuff. Angels I’m sure some of you feel where I’m coming from . I will be doing some blogs soon at work or at home…. blogging will happen regardless 🙂 lol Around 2pm things get slow so it gives me time to work on my stuff. So angel the next blogs i know for sure i have coming up are fashion blogs, nails, DIY………..and some other awesome stuff. The fashion blogs are going to be about my looks for my first week of work. The second week witch will start tomorrow will be a little more dress down mix with casual my boss told me i didn’t have to dress up but i can if i wont to….i like to conduct myself well because i do the same for my business. But my first week looks i’m putting into a blog. Well angels i’m bout to go and finish this room i’m redecorating because i have to put up this nail table in my work space at home. XOXO love you i hope you had a great weekend. ttyl.

Also i wont to say thank you to my new followers and thank you to my angels that continue to follow me and being with my thru my journey. XOXO

500 Post of love

GM Angels I hope you had a great weekend. 🙂

Im so happy right now…. I started this blog a year and 4 mths ago and when I started this I didnt think I would have any followers or make any friends I didnt think it was going to get any wordpress stars….but I did and Im so proud to say that today I got a star for writing over 500 post and have gained 162 followers… you angels & angelmen are not just followers to me your apart of my family and I thank you so much for following and making my blog a success and putting a smile on my face everytime I check my blog stats 🙂 From US to Africa and all other places in the world thank you you so much. I love yall. Thank you for following and reading my post and commenting, writing me and supporting my businesses. Making this wordpress blog has helped me to do Youtube and express myself more. An the best thing about making this blog is the close friends Ive made on here. You all are so awesome. 🙂

Bloglovin’ **Must See Awesome Post**

Hi, Angel’s I hope your weekend is starting off great. 🙂 Mine…it’s going. Suck in the house for a few days…the weather in my area in bad. It started snowing the other day and haven’t stopped since. Today I’ve decided to just do some work online, class work, find some awesome stuff for you all to check out and edit my new youtube videos.

So…. I was looking at my emails and notice some awesome stuff that i think you all would like to check out. My new fav website is Bloglovin’ and YES i love this website. Awesome post and how-to’s, make up advice, fashion & more.

I wanted to share a few links that I think are worth checking out… Enjoy talk to you soon. XOXO

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**27 black owned companies making inroads in the cosmetic industry:



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**5 ways to nurture your happiness by de-stressing your life: