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Hi Angels & Angelmen

Hi, Everyone. Well, I’ve come up with some pretty mind blowing ideas for my blog. Things pertaining to what I watch online/ DVD/ movie theater.  What I do on the weekend, creative ideas I thought of, things I do around the house, My baby (Kayla- my puppy) She has a full life of her own lol.  What me and my fiance are doing pertaining to business and other things. I just have all types of things written down. I’m really happy that I am in a space in my life to get back into blogging more. When I posted a while ago I had writers block I was so serious it was bad I really had nothing to write about and it so many things out here but I felt like at the time with having so much on my plate to do and when I wanted to blog it was going to be about the same things over and over and over again I didn’t want you all to get burned out by looking at the same material alllllll the time cause I would be the same way….like….ewwww…. why look at her blog… same ol same ol worded or layout differently but still kinda the same thing as last wk or last mth….you know… so yea you guys it’s not that I don’t want to talk to you I just want something to keep my audience happy. I go mths without writing cause, of course, I have a full blown life and business ventures and goals to tend to. But blogging is my happy place and not saying I wasn’t happy around the time i said i had writers blog it was just as i said I wanted to truly keep you all interested and i’ve had time to acually write down what can I do for my angelz to keep them going/ happy/ excited about visiting ShaniceKAlex.wordpress.com 🙂 And this just so happen to be the time.

And also things have lightened up for me because my twin is finally home and my fiance will be home in September so having to live 3 people lives why they are away is no joke frfr.  It’s like have 5 kids crying at one time lol . J/K but no seriously it was kinda hard so i wanted to keep focus on what i had to do -work wise- handle that and keep these bills paid as well as find my happy place in other things I’m interested in until i really get some serious serious down time to focus more on what I want to present to you all to keep you all happy. Well, I hope you enjoy all the new things that are coming up.


I’m not trying to explain my self to you to make you feel bad or feel sorry for me I’m okay and everything is fine in my life I just want you all to know that I haven’t forgotten about you… things come into my life that I have to handle and get out the way in order to progress, grow, learn more, build, gain more experience, etc. to give to my sweet babies. 🙂

I really do love you all and I’m happy you all are still on my team. TEAM ANGELS DONT WORRY WE IN HERE YOU FEEL ME LOL xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Enjoy the new blogs!

Hype Hair September 2016 Magazine

Hey, Angels & Angelmen Good morning!

Hey loves how yall doing this morning? I hope your Thursday is full of fun, blessings & success. I wanted to stop in and let my loves know that I got the September 2016 digital issue of Hype Hair in my email today. I would love it if  you to looked at it with me. Let me know in the comments below how you like… I will comment back.

On the cover is the beautiful talented Ms. Zendaya. I’m loving her hair color and the natural makeup look looks really good on her.

Note I also wanted to let you know when I post the hype hair digital blogs I don’t link hype hair in the tags because I post these links for my angels only. No shade LOL but I pay for this magazine for us to see not everybody.

If you missed it check out April-August 2016


XOXO ttyl you later Angels LOVE YOU!!

September 2016



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Hi, Angels

Hey, Angels

Miss you guys, i hope you’ve been writing some awesome blogs…i’ll be going through to look at them soon, But first I wanted to wish you a happy Monday and i hope you had a great weekend, My weekend was okay, I went down to SC & GA i had a great time. Both wok and play. But know we are back to the money & the blogging. 🙂

I have so much to talk about…i got my question list Saturday night…i can’t answer all of them but they all where great questions.

I have a huge list of things to talk about….i’m happy to share it with you all and i thank you for reading my blog.

Comments and questions welcome. 🙂