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Mid Day Blog Love starts NOW!! :)

Hey Angels HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope ur new year is starting off well. I iss you guys I’ve been working on some new stuff and trying to get my 2017 goals in order…

I think my angels are ready for some New Year blogs… I hope so because Mid Day Blog Love starts now!! 🙂 Enjoy!

**If you have som blog request post on this blog in the comments** XOXO


I hope you enjoyed :) Christmas Edition Blogmadness

Hey Angels & Angelmen

I really hope you enjoyed this years Christmas blogs. I enjoy doing them. Thank you angels for the likes I really do appreciate it 🙂

You are welcome to comment I’ll write back. I have to get my look and hair together for tomorrow. I’m doing Christmas videos in the am the after that eat dinner with friends an family. I really hope this Christmas eve was great for you all and I was honored to be apart of it with my blogs. If you all would like me to write more blogs tomorrow just let me know in the comments below and tell me what types of blogs you would like me to write.

I wish you a very very very Merry Christmas!!! XOXO I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL **I have a ribbon holding up my tree my Christmas ornaments & star is really heavy** That’s my mom in the picture over my tree. I miss her so much it’s hard being without her on the holidays but I have to stay strong & focused for her. I wouldn’t be doing blogs if it wasn’t for her. Thank you mom. RIP Mom XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO





Hype about this hair magazine!

Hey Angels & Angelmen

Guess what we just got in our email!!!  December 2016 Hype Hair Magazine!

If you haven’t seen this months Hype Hair Magazine lets check it out together!!

If you see a style you like and your not sure where to get the hair or how to do the style you can comment below and I’ll be honored to help you XOXO ttyl 🙂

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:( Hey Angels

Hey angels I’m sorry I couldn’t do my food blogs today I fixed 21 dishes today by myself i choose to cook alone cause I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and had to run around to a few places. Im so tierd angels & angelmen. XOXO I love you so much and i hate that I couldn’t get to do that today but I hope you had a good thanksgiving.

Thank you Angels & Angelmen

Hey Angels & Angelmen I really hope you enjoyed these thanksgiving, black Friday, fall. Blogs I will be doing more blogs soon. Until then I love you and I wish you the best thanksgiving ever and many more great ones to come XOXO

Your welcome to comment below on the blogs i try my best to write back to everyone. And to those who won the gift giveaway please submit your information. XOXO