*NEW* Creative Mind Company By Shanice

Soon #Creative Mind Company will be providing training #classes for people who would like to gain more experience in #Hair#Makeup#Manicure#Pedicure#Massages#SmallBusiness & #ComputerSoftware.
More information coming soon!

Note: Starting up a new #business venture takes a lot of hard work, time and money. I’m announcing this early because I want to have a full house the day I open. Do not look for this to happen in the next mth or 2 maybe 3 to 6 mths from now…. As time goes on more #occupations will be added to this list….

I’m praying it will happen sooner but that’s up to God.

If you would like these training classes please #email, inbox or call to save your spot. Thank you.

Subject line: CSWSKACMC
336-912-7449 (serious inquiry only)

#creativemindcompanybyshanice #creativemindcompany #cmc#shanicekalexanderia #chanelwimbush #rachelwimbush#damitriwimbush


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