It’s my birthday Angels!!!

hb 2017


Hi, Angels & Angelmen

I miss you so much and really happy that I fund got my sch. down pack to be able to see what I can do to manage everything going on in my life right now. Nothin bad…just making moves to keep my career on the right path and advance in everything I want to do in the future.

Well sat night I went out with friends and really had a great time. Yesterday I went out and got my nails done, picked up my cake, pay a few bills and went shopping I will be doing a birthday haul youtube video today i will be posting that up later today and along with that since my day is going to be me pampering myself I’m going to be writing some awesome blogs and tending to you all today.  That’s what I really wanted for my birthday to write some blog, do youtubes, talk to you all, work in the beauty room messing with a few new projects and previous things i had layed out. I just want this day to be calm, cool and lay back nothin fancy. I’m thankful to be…………………………………………………….. lol ……………………………29…………………….. lol

((its so funny because alot of pp dont know my age… n im not 18/19/20)) The face yes the soul no lol 🙂

But I think I should hold off of the dramatic bday blowout until I’m 30 cause I had all these plans to do a big bday party, limo, expensive party dress and decor…. so how would 30 be to top that…. so ill wait. 🙂 But any way you all to those who already said happy bday thank you so much and i really do appreciate it and I’ll be back later with a youtube and some awesome blogs, and a WAYYYY pass due Q&A. XOXO ttyl Angels.

Also thank you to all the ew people that followed my blog I do appreciate it. I haven’t been on much due to this new job and trying to get some new business ideas of the ground/ stuff I’m working on, now that I have a secure set sch I know how I can go about managing writing blogs, youtube and working. Thank yo for being supportive and to my angels that have been with me since day one thank you for hanging in there. XOXO


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