A Bethany Mota Holiday

Angels & Angelmen

I love Beth “yes I made her a nick name lol ” 🙂 her videos around the holidays so fun to watch. I’ve been a fan of beths videos for a long time and I wouldn’t never thought I would want to do youtube down the line… Beth is like the youtube whisper lol 🙂 It’s like she knows what to do and what to say and she really engages in her auditions… she has been on youtube for awhile but I’m sure when she first started things wasn’t always the way it is now. It takes time. Its not about followers… I guess what I’m trying to say is.. is that everybody is different but I’m sure its people in the world that share something in common with you and understands you little but to be 100% comfortable in that camera and be yourself is kinda scary.  Crowns to beth 👑  I love her style and I’m a big fan of her videos and I wish her many more years of awesomeness.









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