Time on my hands🎵🎵

Hi, Angels

It maybe Sunday, Monday, or Thursday….Whenever. You should stay active even on your off day…NO that doesn’t always mean go to the gym or YouTubing all day.

The older i get i notice on my days off it’s the usual chilling with friends, working out, YouTubing or in my case uploading a video to youtube. Which is fine and I enjoy it but I want to get into more things so i went online and did a little search and came across some awesome site for hobbies. I love to sew, do arts & crafts, sing, dance, cook. Butttttt…..I’m a Aries and if you know an Aries you’ll know that we are very active just as well as Aquarius & Sagittarius….

Well angel’s here are the links I hope you enjoy them. Let me know below which ones you enjoy doing in your spare time. 🙂


List of Hobbies

50 Most Popular Hobbies



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