Hey, Angel’s / Story Time

I know I know it’s been a min. You guys if you only knew what the ________ i been going thru LOL.

Okay it’s story time let me give you the juice. Okay lets start with the beginning. Before i got my internet at my current house im in now i was going to the library and on the way back home i was taking my laptop out the back and it slipped out me hand on it side and the screw poped out i didnt notice until days later cause it didnt make a braking or craking sound when it fell. So as mths went on it got worse and worse. SO i asked my uncle to fix it he did but mths later the screw wiggled it self out an i couldnt find it. So 4 weeks ago i went on vacation and as i was leaving my hotel room i lost the small pc to the charger cord. Its a universal charger that comes with 5 end pcs so i called them mulitiple times and they are still telling me they have not found it. So my uncle ordered me another cord and he is working on my laptop but he say due to the screw coming out it has made the whole side of my laptop loose sooooooooooooooo….which mean where the power button is under that is the button that makes the laptop cut on i told him yeaaa i noticce that when i was on vaca so i told him to finding something small to push it back under the power button…..He said it may not be any more hope for it. And im so sad because i have a lot of stuff on that laptop from my bloggers, youtube friends, memories……..the list goes on…..so he said he may have to take the hard drive out and put it into and other compouter and i can try and save my info on that laptop. So my uncle gave me his other laptop today and it has a camera and video thing on it so i can go ahead and do my octover youtubes and wtite blogs im so sorry you guys i really hate that i havent posted anything i would never go 2 mths without talking to you all its just been a little crazy so im back at it and ready to post some good blogs and get some real work done my tablet did a good job helping me until i can really  do what i need to do but i knew that i wouldnt be able to post blogs an move around online like i used to. SO thank you to those who are still holding strong and supporting me and liking my blogs thank you to all the new followers and i’ll be posting some awesome stuff up here soon. Im going to get 2 laptop and a desktop so i will never have to worry about this ever again i should have had 2 or 3 laptops in the first place. Thank you guys for reading and pray for me lol XOXO ttyl LOVE YOU !!!!!


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