Youtube Life Randoms ft. rire

Well my sis is back home and she wont to be apart of the blog right now so we are just looking at a lot of random YouTubes and we are going to be posting all the links!! 🙂


So i told my lil sis about website…. i want to do a haul for her nd she really likes the fashion nova site so we got shop cute but on a budget cause i want some stuff to lol 🙂  If you guys haven’t been to website please go check it out and save on anywhere you wanna shop at 😉 XOXO More blogs coming your way!

I lov this video i had to intorduce sis to peakmill

She has to meet Nitraa B i love her house to ome videos because im an interior designer so those videos are everything and me an my sis are kinda into the same thing.

Sorry you guys i had to stop and eat and conversate with family! I really hope enjyed all the videos today Another Midday blog love will be back very very soon! 😉 XOXO Love You!!


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