37 NEW Youtube videos

Hey Angels thank for coming back to my blog. If your new to my blog please follow i follow back.

Well i know the title of this video seems a little like…..WOW to you…Yes i have 37 videos that have not been posted on youtube from business tips, being a student at tyme academy, hair tips, shopping with me, bathroom tour….the list goes on these videos was made Feb-July 2016 and after i post these i will start making fresh new ones the first 14 videos i will post will be from may to july and after that i will be post the videos from feb to april. I hate i have to do it this way but if you are a alexangel or alex angelmen you know i lost of my editing like 2 mths ago and i was so upset i just made new videos and said forget it. I really want these videos to be posted and i need to clean out y computer so i can have more space to make more videos and download the software i really want to get my videos how i want them to be. Ive only been on youtube for a few mths but i’m so happy about the progress i have made since i started and i’ve learn alot. After all these videos are posted its going to be on… 🙂 I know by the time i post all these videos i will have my editing skills down packed and really ready to show the tube what i have to offer. Thank you to those who have liked, commented, share it really means alot to me. It should take at the max 1 mth to post all these videos. In some videos i recorded 1 to 3 videos at a time because i have a notebook full of great ideas and i was so excited to do them i go video crazy some days. 🙂 Well angels and angelmen & newbies thank you for reading this and see you in my videos XOXO 🙂  All new awesome bogs for Blog Madness will be posted soon. 😉  Watch out for the blog madness sign.


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