Creatively Confused – Instagram post

IG @princessshanice

At this point in my life i see that god has blessed me with so MANY talents so i asked him which one should i choose…i got up this morning with no plans on my calendar so this is what i choose to do…#dancecardio #dance an when i looked up i seen this #rainbow in my living room. Is this a sign from you #god ? if it is can you bless me with one more so ill know this is what you really want me to do…dancing may not seem like much to ppl#career but my heart has always been in the #music #mydancingshoes i feel bad for not allowing my mom to put me in dancing school when i was younger… But as i get older my moves get stronger my body…….i cant explain the way i feel when im in motion but i love it god i love you one more sign please tell me what you want me to do.


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