I love my angels so much but i hate my internet service


Hey Angel’s I’m sorry i had o stop my blog madness short the other day my internet is so stupid it cuts on and off when it wants to if you remember back a few mths ago i had some issues like this and its crazy how they cant find out what the issue is…im not sure if its because i high way is behind my house, maybe to many other connects in my area…IDK but im trying to get it worked out. Due to it being the weekend im not sure how my sch is going to be…that’s why i tried to do it when i was off 😦 But the blog madness must go on im going to try my best to post some more stuff VERY soon just gotta get this internet stable and look at y calendar. I love doing blogs and when i start its like i cant stop…as you can see from the other day. I still have like 3 pages full front and back of awesomeness to share with you all. I love you angels thank you so much for your support and love and your comments, emails, likes, shares…everything…it all means so much to me and remember i’m always here if you wanna talk personal or just to find something online. XOXO I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! XOXO ttyl Alexangels & AlexAngelmen

More awesome blogs & videos coming soon!!



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