Younow Life & MissUSA 2016,-2016

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Hi Angel

I was just on younow talking about MissUSA i was so happy and excited that VA was called first in the top 10 but it all good she didn’t make it in the top 5 Im a little sad but it’ okay and i wa going for her not only is she gorgdotorg but she had grace and style and body was everything, pretty smile and she had a nice dress on but  now that’s it’s done to the top 5 i think it should be Hawaii or Dist of Columbia.

The reason for e really writing this blog is because i think they should stop MissUSA at 30. I’m so sad that i missed it by 1 year and this is not only just for me but i think stopping it at 30 would be just a better look for the show and have more options to choose from and the age just seems better, the questions shouldnt be to strong it was another one as well watch the 2ed video…. What do you think Angels & Angelmen Comment below XOXO

..after the show recap: I really thought Hawaii was going to win and i was wrong watch the 2d video and find out why i was wrong @-2:27


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