Hey Angels – Hot Site w/crazy low prices!!


Hi angel’s so today between class work I was just looking at some of my favorite youtube girls and I ran across a video with Nitraa B the video will be posted in this blog below. She was talking about this website that had super cute stuff with great deals and you know how I am angels I’m all for a good ol’ sale. Me and my angels gotta stay cute hunny. This site don’t have men clothes but it’s all good i’m a sale hunter something will pop up soon and you know ill post it i’m all for my angelmen saving some cash to.  If some of you already know about this site and have ordered comment below and tell me what you think of the site, is the shipping fast and on time, is it wrapped cute…….just let me now how you feel about the site.

So girlies please go an check out this site she was right the sales are everything and even the NEW Releases are marked down to $20 & under….ahhhhh yea!!! lol 🙂 XOXO ttyl Angels Enjoy!


Let me know if you buy something comment and post your pics below. XOXO


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