GM Angels & Angelmen :)

Good morning Angels & Angelmen

I just wanted to stop in an say Hi and i hope that you have a great day. Thank you so much for all the likes on my Ipsy March review post last night. I woke up to over 10+ likes and i was like OMG i’m so happy you all liked it. The April bag should be here soon and i will be writing a review and making a youtube video about that one as well. I also have to do a review about Tyme Academy Makeup school. I love this school so much for a lot of reason….Tyme really gets into details about every little thing dealing with makeup, the price is good and she a a great makeup artist, you can do you class work on your own time…if you have a busy sch you can always come back later and finish where you left off…as long as your paying you still have an active account. I have a mth left and after that i will be graduating 🙂 YEAAAAA! I cant wait because I’ve really put my heart into this and it will be such a big accomplishment for me because with my work sch and dealing with other things i thought i would have to drop out but i stayed focused and kept my sch book by my bed side and made it happen. I did slow down for about 2 weeks due to everything that’s going on. Nothing bad tho. And i’m back at. I have 2 test left really 1 because ill be doing 1 test today or either tomorrow. 🙂 Well Angels that’s it for now. I just wanted to say hi and stop in and wish you a good morning an  hope your day/ week is full of joy, success and happiness. I love you so much and thank you for your support and being with me thru my journey XOXO love you ttyl 😉


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