Sweet & Sour Photo shoot *EDHardy Clothing & Thelook Virginia Beach Boutique*

Hi, Angel’s I hope your weekend went well.

I finally got my photos back from my photo shoot and to be honest i only like 15% out off 100%. That’s  really low number. I will never hire this guy ever again here is a few of the ones I love. I had a great time during the photo shoot because i love nature and the park i went to for the shoot was beautiful and the people was so nice and took a few pics with them and and we chatted and had a few laughs so that was the best part. But i learned my lesson dealing with photoj with a lot of talk and no action. Its just hard to rap my head around how he 142 pics but i only like 20- :/ really that really speaks to my spirit heavy i hate my time wasted and he didnt tell me when my hair was messy…the wind blew my curls our so  just combed my hair kept it moving. I will be doing all my photo shoot over n some of the same looks because I feel like i wasting cute looks on crappy photoj’s and  hate wearing wigs but my natural hair is so soft no styles stay in place and i know that but he came 2 hours early and all this other crap….long story angels i’ll tell you another day or ill make a younow video about it…but the wigs will help me to get the styles i want for the look and i wont have to worry about my hair.

I will have all the photos up soon **that i like** i’m looking for a photoj to touch up some of the pics and if he do a good job i’m sticking with him.

Luv you angels thank you for you support and love and i hope you like the pics. 🙂

IMG_0847 (2)IMG_0775 (2)IMG_0820IMG_0835 (2)


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