Lost But Still Loved

Hi, Angels

I hope your weekend went well. I know your wondering what is SKA up to know with this title. Will I was talking to a friend just now an it got me thinking. I  have a best friend that lost her dad and i lost my mom and a set of twins. I know how that feels and i would like to help other people with healing. It may not take away the pain but it will help them to kinda keep motivated in their everyday life and goals and stay in happy spirits. After I lost my mom I felt like i lost myself for a little min. I couldn’t focus on work, my boutique or anything for that matter because i was so sad and depressed. With out god, my uncle, my twin & my best friend Tia i don’t think i would have made it. My best friend is also going thru it due to her dad passing and she really needs my support and i’m giving my all. I want to do that for others. So starting today LBSL is official if anyone needs my hep with looking for work, housing, motivation, ideas, food, clothes anything please email me at CreativeMindCorp2005@gmail.com subjectline: LBSL tell me your situation and i can find what you need in your area *reliable resources* as far as help with clothes & food, low income housing, work & anything dealing with advice, motivation, business ventures so on and so forth I will handle.

Angel’s if you know someone that’s dealing with this if you don’t need the help personally please send them to me. And I don’t charge for these services. An yes i do have experience my mom was in this type of working helping people and helping them find work so i learned a lot from her and for her i would like to keep it going. Note that after you email me about services we will talk over the phone (business line) so i can get more information and a real out look of what your looking for and needing. All numbers and email address will NOT be shared with anyone besides me/ creativemindcompany

The services are for men, women of any age. Pregnant teens looking for guidance. Serious inquiry only please.

It’s still good people out here in the world and i’m one of them and i’m willing to do the best i can to help because i know how it feels. XOXO SKA Thank you for reading talk to you soon.




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