Hello 2016

Hi Angels check out all my new pics in my Hello 2016 Photo Album all pics from Jan 1st till today at this link:


you can like send me a comment and add me as a friend. I really dont be on FB much but your welcome to add me. I’m more on Twitter, IG & wordpress. So if anything you can check out all updates on those sites before FB. Thank you to all my new followers and likes and showing me love on my boutique. I love you Angel’s so much. I will be doing a photo shoot soon so those pics will be on this album as well and keep checking my page for my random surprise Spring gift giveaway. XOXO LOVE YOU ANGEL’S & ANGELMEN SO MUCH have a great Wednesday. ttyl Angel’s an remember to let me know if you need any help with finding anything online or advice about anything, tips, something you would like for me to post. just write me on here or email me at

ShaniceKAlex@icloud.com subjectline: Angelz


Missed Hello 2015 check it out



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