Awww Angel’s I’ve just made a really hard decision to stop doing blogs today! I don’t wanna give away all the awesomeness in one day! I have a crazy list of stuff blogs i want to post and i think if i break it down i can spread it out into 3 days. Well that will be it for today Angel’s I’m so happy to hear from you all today and thank you for the comments & likes and sending me emails about what I should post next it really help me think of so many other things to add on to what you came up with. Write me anytime subject line: Angels

I really love you all so much and I’m happy to be a part of your blog life.

More awesome blogs tomorrow same time! Be there or be square…what does that really mean….IDK i just always wanted to say it LOL XOXO SKA ttyl


PS An to all my new followers thank you so much for following you are an official Angel and I hope you enjoy your post and your welcome to comment anytime i do write back an your welcome to ask me anything and if you need help finding something on or offline or need advice I’m here to help and follow me on twitter and my FB like page. I do surprise gift giveaways -no specific date-. Thanks again for joining this blog my blog is all about fun, laughing, fashion, makeup and food i really hope you enjoy being an AlexAngel & i do follow back XOXO


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