2/21/16 – bye bye pink

2/21/16- New Post 🙂

Hey Angel’s I hope your weekend is starting off well. 🙂 I wanted to let you guys know i will be doing blogs tomorrow from hair to fashion to interior design, food & more. And also i will be giving you tips on how to be safe while shopping online. Sounds good? I hope. I know you will enjoy! i miss talking to you all. And i’m currently working on all my youtubes i was going to post them without editing just to hurry up and get some new videos out because its been about 3 weeks but I’ve learned so much with editing I think its best if I go ahead and try it on one of my videos **which is going well** 🙂 and edit them out then put them out so it’s being delayed another 2 weeks. Seriously angels this time I’ve had off from dealing with data issues with m internet I’ve been filming it up LOL I think i’ll start posting at a set time as well i’m trying to choose between every Wednesday or ever Sunday. Angel’s what day do you think is best?  **comment below**

Bye Bye pink 😦

Well Angel’s my Birthday is around the corner 3/28 an i think i should soften it down some on my room…hate this because I’m really a pink girl and my room isn’t to to girly….ok i’m lying…yes it is i have alot of bears from friends and family & clients and 5% or pooh bear stuff 10% arts and crafts…oooookkkkkkk maybe …20% and 75% of pink this includes curtains, bed, storage boxes, clothes baskets, stuff beside my bed “decorations”…the list goes on. This is the last day i will see my room in all pink I’m going with red, white & gold 🙂 pretty pretty 🙂 I’m starting on it tonight. I moved everything around yesterday I will miss it tho because i’m super used to waking up seeing nothing but pink & white.

Well Angel’s that’s it till tomorrow. Luv you so much and have a great Saturday night.







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