Hi, Angel’s

Hi, Angel’s I hope your year is starting off great. Mine is been going pretty good besides the inflammation in my chest bother me but i’m doing okay. Working on my new boutique and trying to get my goals in order for this year. I’ve accomplished so much last year i’m really proud of myself because i thought i wasn’t going to be able to do it. But with god in my corner and my mom looking over me things turned out and i’m hoping for bigger and better things this year. And i also want to thank you guess as well for helping me make some of those moves in 2015. XOXO thank you so much for your love and support. Well I finally got that video uploaded about my boutiques that i was telling you guys about in this post….


It’s the second video…please check it out and tell me what you think…in this video i’m talking about my boutique and what new i have going on with my boutique and the NEW boutique i’m starting. **Update** 1/4/16 I will be sewing some more tote bags and other items to put in my boutique for the new year..i have to buy some more fabric because i have so much stuff in mind. I have a lot of things i’m going to be posting on poshmark as well…both new and lightly used items 🙂 I also want to start making my facial cream to sale and i’m working on soap and body butter (lotion) all my stuff will be natural and safe for the skin. I use the facial and body cream all the time on myself and my twin loves the facial cream every time he come to my house he wants me to make him some lol. My mom was a fan of the face cream and my bestie Tia still use it to…i have a few friends actually that use my creams and they all look as pretty as me..lol j/k no seriously they do LOL NOOO I’M J/K

I also talk to the guy about my 2 apps i’m trying to start he is still waiting on approval…i did get an approval for one i’m waiting on the other to get approved…these apps fall thru they are going to be so awesome one is a fashion app and the other is a baking app. 🙂

Well Angel’s that’s it for now i love you guys so much and thank you again for your support and love. Talk to you in my next post or video. Remember to subby (subscribe) to my youtube channel and like my video’s. XOXO


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