Hi, Angel’s

Hi Angel’s I hope your new years is starting off good. I really didnt do anything yesterday but get my nails done and grocery shopping. Today I’ll be doing my hair, cleaning and hopefully get some customers today if not i’m just going to d some work online. I might be going to the hospital soon because my chest has been bothering me since yesterday….it’s been an issue for about a mth but not as bad as it has been since yesterday. I’m having a hard time burping and it builds up in my chest…i cant get my burps out. So i have that on my calendar to head to the hospital i wanna go today but i’m not sure how this day is going to go due to it being new years…it’s only 12 so i’m not sure it’ll get busy…I’ll be able to work it’s not that bad but i know for sure before Monday i will be at the hospital to check this out. I’ll also be having my new youtubes up soon I started making video’s yesterday. Well that’s it Angel’s i’ll talk to you later XOXO & Happy New Year!!

PS. If you have any times about gas in the chest or burping issues please comment below or write me ShaniceKAlex@icloud.com

Luv you ttyl XOXO


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