Christmas with SKA

Hi you guess I wanted to say Merry Christmas and I hope everyone had a blessed holiday. I’m so thankful that i have you guys in my life during the holiday’s This year has had some ups and some downs but I’m still here and God but in work so I’m truly thankful and blessed. I made my video Christmas day and I wasn’t able to upload it until yesterday the 26. I wanted to trim out 10:35 to 11:19 but every time I try to it mess up so I’m just going to keep it the way it is. I’m still trying to learn stuff dealing with this youtube and video thing. I can wait to get my new cam this upcoming spring…I need to find someone to help me with trimming and video editing and graphics Angel’s & Angelmen if you know someone let me know. I’m willing to pay as well. Because i know it’s time put into doing all that stuff to your video and I was the one helping with that type of stuff I would charge to lol. Well is it is you guys I hope you enjoy it and in advance I want to apologize for my the countryness lol I need speak classes to lol 🙂 I have a list of video’s I’m going to be posting soon if you have seen my previous blogs you will know what is coming up soon so please scroll through my blog and check it out. I think this is one of my best video’s i’ve made since I started my outube journey..beside the noise I heard on the side of my house lol everything turned out good and the lighting was fairly well, make up was really pretty and I just really enjoyed sharing what i got for Christmas with you and making a video for Christmas all this video stuff is new to me…you all know that…but it’s fun, something new & different I’m having a great experience learning all this video stuff even though I’m having a hard time learning to trim  put in graphics lol it’s still fun and i love to expand my mind and learn new things so i can pass it own to other people and help them… 🙂 Thank you angel’s for your support and love. Talk to you soon.