I need your help Angel’s Please! Winter wonder land bedroom or nah?

Well angel’s I was up in the middle of the night as always eating cookies, cakes & pies…lol And i was thinking about redecorating my room again. šŸ™‚ I love interior design and when i’m not designing something for someone else i’m always trying to keep my house up to part and pretty. Well I was thinking wouldn’t a Winter Wonder Land Bedroom be nice even in the spring, summer & fall. Currently my bedroom is Pink with flowers and butterflies everywhere if you have watched me on younow or youtube you know my room is really girly and it’s pink in every corner…okay every where. lol I love love love love love pink. šŸ™‚ I’m getting older *almost 30* pass due to change up the look dont you think lol My friends and family always telling me your room look like a nursery…I have lot of bears to…itch you can not see in my video because it’s on the wall behind my makeup/laptops table. I’m sooooo not giving up my bears because my friends, family & clients give them to me as gifts…i like bears.. lol šŸ™‚ so cute. I will do a video of how it looks now and then when i change it around i will make a update video on the new look…

So this is what I had in mind…. Okay so for starters the winter wonder land part comes in with Christmas I’m planning on having 2 christmas tree’s next year anyway so i’m taking the tree i have now and put in my room and decorate it the color or my room…I just love love love christmas and even when it isn’t christmas I want a tree up. So for the colors i’m thinking zebra print and cheetah print/ gold & white/ gold & black or black, white, silver & gold. Angel’s i really need your help? which colors should i pick??


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