Hi, Angel’s

I hope your weekend is off to a great start. I’ve just been working, cleaning up and getting some new ideas together for my next video’s. I am also trying to get this new boutique up and going. I’m working on my website and the storenvy site when i’m done I will be posting it asap. This boutique is for the grown and sexy. It’s a lingerie and sex toy store. NOOO angel’s i’m not being a bad girl i just thought that it would fun to have a boutique like this. Help women spice it up in the bedroom. I have a lot of lingerie pieces and I shop a lot of places online and I see very nice….but the price is ridiculous so I wanted to start a boutique selling lingerie and toys at a great price. Helping ladies all over the world to keep it sexy in the bed room at a reasonable price. I’ve never been a fan of toys but I know someone that sales them and i was available to get them at a discount price so i was like HEYYYYY sure yeah I’ll make a sexy boutique 🙂 lol

The name of this boutique is SKAttire And i choose so many names I couldn’t pick one so I went with something that spelled out my initials but meant something else. As you know I go by SKA so I used those letters for the boutique….BUT with  different meaning… SKA > Sex Kitten Attire 🙂 I think it sounds good. I had about 12 names in mind but couldn’t pick one…I was thinking about a name for bout 2 weeks.. :/ You guys can check out the boutique and what i have going on so far this is only for the storenvy site i will have the website up and running soon but until then…. SKAttire.storenvy.com All these items are new, in plastic with tags ans if you order over $50 you get a free item of your choose from the boutique & a free gift comes in your order my choose. This will be an on going never ending sale.

Thank you for your support in advance angel’s & angelmen XOXO luv you talk to you soon 😉


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