Hey, Angel’s

Well you guys i’m back to getting to work. I had my lil bro and sis since thanksgiving and spending time with my other family members. I had so much fun with my lil brother and sister i wish our mom was still here but i think i do a good job taking care of them. I posted some pics on them on my twitter. I let them open 1 gift..i’m such a weak parent LOL  but it’s okay they loved the gifts and i just couldnt wait to give them something…they didnt ask i choose to do. 🙂 I was more happy for them opening the gifts then they was probably lol 🙂

I’ve also been doing alot of shopping for xmas and getting my make up together. If you’ve been watching me on younow. You know that i’m about to start wearing make up i just wanna see how it look on me and what i can do with it…i’m still unsure if i’ll continue to do because it is alot of working putting all that mess on everyday but yea i was on amazon and ebay this morning getting new brushes and sponges and last night I went shopping for make up i’ll be making a younow and youtube video about the make up i got and the things i purchase and how i apply my make up. And i also will be posting a youtube video about how i decorated my door and living room for xmas. My lil sis and brother help me with the tree and i love it.

I’m also so happy december is finally here and i get to post some awesome stuff for the xmas. I hope you all enjoy it. And remember you can comment, repost, share and send emails. ShaniceKAlex@icloud.com or for business inquiry email Creativemindcorp2005@gmail.com Subject line: Aleangel i get alot of emails so the subject line is very important i want to make sure i get your emails. 🙂 Well that’s it for now you guys i’ll talk to you later. 🙂

XOXO SKA luv you angel’s & angelmen


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