DIY with SKA

Okay so Angel’s here is the deal. I’m so so so so in love with sewing and making things and last night i made pillows and coaster’s. The red coasters on the table in my living room i made those out of felt fabric I purchased from Walmart. And i order a lot of stuff for my boutique so one of the boxes I cut the flaps off and cut each pc into 2 pcs. The fabric and stuffing for the pillows was also purchased at Walmart. I don’t get all my stuff from Walmart…I love Jo-anns,,  Michaels, hobby lobby…the list goes on.

So…Let’s start with the Coaster’s.

You will need: Felt fabric 2 to 4 pc (depending on how many you make), Scissors, sewing machine, card board. Note: You can use a hot glue gun. I tried using E600 glue but it didn’t work lol I think it’s best to sew it because you will have cups sitting on this and you don’t want it to spill and mess up your carpet or table. 🙂

How it’s done: Cut your squares or circles for your coasters. I choose squares because i’ll be using large, med & small cups. So cute your felt fabric a little larger than your circle or square so you have to sew or hot glue.Note also it’s better to use felt fabric rather than cotton or silk. Felt will hold the cup better and hold the moister or heat from the cup. Also when i was sewing my coaster i lifted it up a little just to make sure I would catch the card board under the needle.(you don’t wont extra fabric hanging off the edges – trust me it wont look right) This is my first time making these so I now. lol 🙂

Okay Angel’s that’s it for that one let’s move along to the pillows. 😉

You will need: Any type of fabric, sewing machine, pillow/ teddy bear stuffing, scissors, measuring tape/ ruler.

How it’s done: You can measure your fabric and cut it into squares, circles, long squares, hearts what ever you would like. I cut my fabric into long squares. I sewed it all the way around excepted for 1 side. Pulled the fabric inside out to the correct side and I put enough stuffing inside for comfort and perfect fit. (not to much, not to little) I folded the open part of fabric down about 2 to 4 in. (whatever is best for you i’m not sure how much i folded- i usually free had everything without a ruler- i’m not a fan of rulers LOL) put it back under the sewing machine…sewed it all the way across and that was it. 🙂

If you are covering over a pillow (i will make i DIY about this as well because i’m covering over my seats in the living room and my tan pillows) You will need fabric, scissors, sewing machine, ruler, zipper.

I don’t like ruler’s Angel’s that’s kinda weird. I’ve gotten rulers for my bday, xmas…and they just sit in the package. I don’t use them i may have a few time to make sure my tote bags are right but that’s only because i put my all into anything i make for my boutique. For myself NOPE…i now how i want it. lol

Well, Angel’s thank you so much for reading an i hope you try my DIY projects at home if you do please post pics because i wanna cry at the joy of your work. LOL I love you Angel’s & Angelmen talk to you soon. And if you have any question for me or anything you wanna just talk about regarding DIY, work, hair, nails, make up, designing, advice, starting a YouTube (how it works), fashion, starting a blog, starting a business….

I’m here 🙂 or Subject Line: SKA Q&A

(If i feel your question/advice (regarding you) is personal it will not go outside of me and you)




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