Hi, Angel’s

Oh wow before i begin what i am going to say….I’m loving this new look on wordpress. lol I just hope I know how to use it.

Okay Angel’s I want to start something and i need your help. Please. I want to start a movement for women an men that are going thru something in there life. Like depression, separation anxiety, homeless, assistance with a phone, help find work anything….if they have lost a parent, child, best friend, grandmother… home. We can help donate money and go to other places to help raise money to help…the funds will go only to them to help with rebuilding their homes & hearts. We can help them with their doctor visit to talk to someone about the problems and we can also start a site for the movement for them to come to an share their thoughts and we can help them thru it….Donate food, clothes…if some are homeless help them get stamps and obama phones. And considering this being a movement their will be guidelines to how much we can do for our clients because you know some people are only out to abuse assistance like this…no shade but it’s true. I’ve had businesses of my own for a very long time so i’ll handle that part of it (guidelines) an discuss it with you all or whoever wants to be in with me.

Angel’s i want you to be a part of this with me so that’s why i’m going to you first. If you guys can help me figure out a name for it. I design websites as well so i’ll build the website and designs. Start a fb & IG site…how about angel’s are you with me?

Please like share & comment. Thank you

I love you Angel’s & Angelmen XOXO

I also wanna say thank you to my new followers and to the people that have been following me since day 1. hanks for your likes and time. 🙂

I smile because of your dedication to my site. You guys  now everytime i write personal blogs i get mussy lol i’ll talk to you in my next post or at our new site 😉


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