Me & the cricket – Story Time!!

I don’ care who you are if you would have seen how BIG this cricket was in my bathroom you would have done the same thing… LOL Maybe not how I did it but close

Angel’s & Angelmen let e tell you. I was in the bathroom washing my hands…. I keep my house spotless. I seen a piece of hair in my sink and i pulled it to throw it in the trash…hunny it was not hair. You know how some sinks have those little wholes in the front just in case the water try to over flow in the sink…. what i thought was hair was there….OMG!!! i almost jump thu the wall like the kool aid man. Yall remember i told i felt like my stomach surgery prevented me from doing things…well hunny it didn’t keep me from screaming so loud i made my own ears hurt seriously like my ears are still ringing. I still got that voice.

Angel’s I got the broom and bleach i’m throwing bleach and trying to hit it with the broom. Angels seriously i really really dont like bugs. Anything that crawl down webs, jump, hope, slide…i’m out. LOL I had the bleach cause thats the first thing i think of…LMBO!! and the broom is just a back up if the bleach don’t do the job. I used enough bleach to mop my hall and bathroom

Lord thank you for bleach and brooms.

XOXO Luv you AlexAngel’s & AlexAngelmen


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