Hey Angel’s

Hey Angel’s just wanted to let you know i didnt delete my twitter i changed the name today to @ShaniceKAlex

I hope everyone is doing okay, Really not much to do here it;s raining really bad in my area and it’s kinda chilli outside.

If you would like me to post anything don’t be afraid to comment below.

I’m currently having my fall sale i hope you guys check it out you may find something for you or a friend i also have items for kids. I’m thinking about starting a lingerie line but i’m currently trying to get my cleaning business going first before i decide, šŸ™‚

View boutique here: CSWBoutique.storenvy.com

I’m also in search for 5 girls to be apart of my gift give away. I’m getting my list together now. If you are picked you will be receiving some really cute items. In order to receive these items i will need you name & address. Your information is 100% secure and your item will be shipped to you fast and the packaging is so pretty šŸ™‚ When i had my Christmas Gift Giveaway last year it went well and everyone loved there gifts i was so excited. I know you all will love this one to because i got some really great gifts in mind. This giveaway is only for the ladies. I dont know when i will be putting men items in my boutique but for now only girls for the giveaway i’m sorry guys but your time will come dont worry. Well that’s it for now. ttyl XOXO šŸ™‚


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