Vlog Life/ Story Time

Live broadcasting every other day with me on https://www.younow.com/ShaniceKAlex

I remember telling you Angel’s that i wanted to get into doing youtube videos soon. So being on you now is reall helping me break into the youtube life LOL i need to practice more on my voice an accent and my lighting. I work and do business in the day time so i try my best to get the outside lighting before it gets dark. I really dont want those big bright light and stuff because i have alot going on in my room as it is…lol with shoes, clothes, dressers, arts and crafts able, make up table set up, bed, purses, i have a jewelry box that i can look at face to face thats how tall it is…really lol my room is organized i just dont have any more space for anything else LOL So i may have to redesign my living room get the lighting and do my videos there i have to redesign it anyway for my xmas tree so i’ll get everything situated then. 🙂 oooooohhhhhhhhh angels it’s vlog life time #shedidthat lol

Yesterday i talked about just random stuff thats what most of my videos have been about besides today. Just you all getting to now me more and i did a whats in my purse at the end of the video yesterday. I will be doing another one with just whats in my purse because that video was like 2 hours long lol i got in talking mode and couldnt stop lol today i talked about Abuse go check out the video. 🙂 I will be doing peer pressure and bulling video soon and a fashion video (what i got this summer and what i will be getting this fall – how to mix you summer and fall looks together – still be warm and cute) 🙂

Story time/ whats been going on:

Well i’m feeling better after my surgery. Everyday i get better. I finally got all that tape off my stomach, everything is healing up well and i’m so happy because i still have a chance to do a “summer” photo shoot if not then next ill just do 2 summer shoots, i have a lot new fall clothes all ready so my fall shoot will be life regardless…i really wanna do a shoot so bad i hate i have to wait until this heals up all the way I really want be showing m stomach in the shoot but  this just makes me feel kinda not pretty an that would be on my mind and i dont want it to show in my pic….it’s just like just trying to me sexy and putting your game face on knowing i have band aids on my stomach is not going to cut it for me. I’m thankful to even be here do to my surgery but all in all i still want to be comfortable in my pics. I take everything i d seriously and if i aint feeling right everybody gonna be mad cause i’m mad….. lol

Still taking selfies tho lol 🙂

I think i told you all about me starting a new business. I’m switching out one of my main careers for something else and I’ve been working hard on the website and flyers, business cards, advertising and getting everything started up i also have to purchase alot of products for this business as well. If you didnt see it….I’m switching out doing massages for maid/cleaning service. It’s going to take some time getting it together because all my other business took a little before clients start beating down the door i cant wait tell that moment lol . I just really hope god bless me and it become as successful as my other businesses. I really want my best friend to be involved in the company but she has a son and so she has to get her sch together before she can really give the OK to be involved but i hope so because when it get bus I’m going to need some extra arms I’m going to start off by myself an as clients get the coming in I’m going to make her do it lol and hire maybe 1 or 2 people.

Practicing with younow is also something big to me because i dont like the way i talk and being on cam that it self makes me nerves but i’m getting better i’m not rushing it but i cant wait until i feel so comfortable to where i can start my youtubes. As you can see most of my videos have been random because i really dont know what to talk about. I do make up but not full face i just do the basic stuff on my face and DIY i dont do them everyday and i’m sure you guess dont wanna see me just sitting and sewing…lol thats no fun right. I do hair but i only have 2 mannequin heads and they hair stay done. I didnt like people or a audience watching me doing hair then so i know i wouldnt be able to do a video doing hair…i gotta think of something lol because i’m getting on youtube. LMAO!…well you Angels it’s time for me to watch tata on dancing with the stars I love you thank you for hanging in there with me. I will be posting some awesome fall stuff soon. And i’m looking for 5 girls I’m doing my XMAS gift give away this year. Last year was awesome and everyone enjoyed there gifts. I will be looking in between now and the middle of nov. (i’m picking random people) and i will announce it Nov. 21st. Nov 21st will be a year i’ve been in my house and i’m having a big get together with friends that day and i want you guys to be apart of that day so i choose that date. XOXO ttyl love you Angel’s keep writing those good blogs coming. I’ll be liking them soon.



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