I’m sick Angel’s

I’m trying to make myself feel better but it’s kinda hard because ppl getting on my nerves. Okay so yesterday i was suppose to be posting some stuff for you all them ppl start plucking my damn nerves and i decided to go shopping, get my nails done and grocery shopping. So i did everything but get my nails done. I’ve been getting my nails done at the same place since i was 17 years old and i choose t go to someone else because i was on that side of town….so he tells me that it’s $20 to get a fill in because my nails was long and curvy i was like seriously you just told me $20 for polish and fill in. I had went into the shop an asked before i went to the hair store to pick out my own polish. I was looking for a really light pink color….anyway…i come back and then he tells me this….SMH anyway so i was like nevermind and went to rainbow and some other new place to get me maybe 3 or 4 cute looks…got that and then went into the grocery store…i was in there for about and hour and i start feeling sick between leaving out the store to walking into my front door that was it for me. I got all my things in the house and then i felt like i was about to pass out i got to my purse to get my phone and called 911 they stayed with me for about and hour and as she was talking to me i begin to feel better she explain to me what was going on an why i felt that way and that i needed to calm down my breathing i really dont like to air out my personals like this but i will never let you guys down my plan was to come back home put up my groceries, cook, try on my new stuff and prance around in the mirror finish writing you guys, eat and and end my day with a smile, shower and beauty sleep. Well none of that happen but the sleep part. I’m still resting up all day today, bed rest, didnt work or go outside at all today. By tomorrow i should be back tomorrow. I’m bout to let my mind run free on twitter LOL and i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow love you XOXO.


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