General Crafts By Jo-ann

I’m not doing art’s & crafts today but it’s not keeping me from looking at 🙂 Check out some of these cute general crafts ideas by Joann crafts store website. 🙂 Enjoy! ttys XOXO

Let’s get organized – Bulletin Board:

Slay it in your crafty Sunburst Mirror:

Crafty Pillow:

Design your own distressed jeans:

Your not basic so why have basic sandals:

Let your new washi tape key holder help you keep up with your keys:

This is a DIY idea for VDAY but i think it’s a awesome way to spice up your room use different colors or pick colors to match your room…put it on your room door and show off your crafty skills along with your super cute room. My room is currently pink and cheetah print so i’m happy i ran across this because i”m so making one for my room. CUTEDOTCOM lol 🙂 I now my room theme my seem kinda kidish but i’m a girl girl at heart oh well…


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