Pretty Heart Box DIY By SKA

Hey, Angel’s

The other night i was bored to death and i figure i would make this cute little box using paper towel rolls and wrapping paper. I have the pictures step by step just in case you want to make one of your own. I hope you guys had a safe and great weekend. I can’t wait to post some of the awesome stuff i have written down. So here is what you would need for this project.

Paper towel rolls

Hot glue gun

(any design) wrapping paper


marker (to mark your paper towel roll “cut”)

(you can also use paint is you would like to just pant your box or use duct tape, you can use bling deco if you wanna spice it up a little…you can also put holes in the side of your box and use ribbon for handles…let your creativity flow.)

Okay soooo the pictures maybe a little mixed up i don’t know how to move them around….

Okay at first i had a brown box with a flap at the top and  changed my mind and used a show box instead. I wanted the other box for something else….but anyway…this is what it looks like. I got really fancy wrapping my box. I love to wrap gift i’m like the a master wrapper or something… mom used to wrap gift really good so i got it from her….so you take your wrapping paper and neatly wrap it around your box. I did not put paper in the inside…just the outside and top rim of the box. I cut the paper towel rolls according to how tall the box was. After i was done putting wrapping paper on the paper towel rolls i put the rolls in the box and glued them together on the side just to make sure they stay in place. I will be using my box to organize my pens, markers, pencils…..the list goes on. I’m not really sure what i wanna do with the other box…i’ve all ready painted it black and white and since it has a flap on the top i might just get some hooks and make into a mini handmade jewelry box. 🙂 I’ll post pics when i finish.

I really hope you guys like this DIY if you make one please post it below i would love to see what other creative things you’e done to your box. XOXO thank you for reading love you guys talk to you later today, 🙂


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