Okay angel’s i’m sitting here watching Modern Family and one of the little girl say “can you believe whats going on and the other little girls say i dont even know whats going on. I dont know witch ep. this is but it’ super funny and then phil OMG i am so in love with phil he is so funny…. he tell his wife “an i talked about you wearing clothes half off” icant.com phil is to much. even when i think about that i start laughing like i heard it for the first time,

Angel’s this may sound childish but i’m going to be using emoji’s tell i’m 80+.

Angel’s phil just sad his pants slipped up on him so good his name should be pantserella “cinderella” lmbo!!! seriously i can no do phil…he is to much.

the little girls that’s adopted on modern family she got a patch on her and a neck brace. it’s not funny but it’s funny.


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