Q&A w/ SKA

I really need to let this be known because i get these question way to much on fb mg/ twitter…

Okay I DO NOT photo shot any of my pictures…NONE of them. That is really how i look. lol I might change the color to make it brighter but that’s it. I don’t wear lashes…my lashes are real. My beauty marks are real above my lip. Yes i wear weave…it’s just that when i do my hair i make it look real. Skills.com lol 🙂 The reason for my eyes looking so big in some pics than others it because when i first wake up i do my hair and eye make up during the first hour or 2 of me getting up. Because i just wanna get it out the way before my shower. When i wake up the first 3 hours my eyes are big as fuck like a deer in head lights…lol weird but….oh well. lol My nails are real. 100% real. And yes i can wash my body, cook, clean, do hair, nails, massages, make up with my nails…my nails have been long like this my whole life. No i don’t have a twin sister i hear it’s a girl in VA & NC that look like me and that’s weird because i’m from NC/VA but no I don’t. Okay now it’s time for the Q&A.

How do i feel about the gay and les marriage…. I’m happy that they are able to get married and have families. It’s such a beautiful thing and i think they deserve it. If they found love they should be able to make it official. If i was gay or les i would have been fighting for the right as well. 🙂

I think i may have answered this question before but here it is. What kind of music do you like?

I love reggae music. I’m actually listing to it right now. lol 🙂 I love alot of slow R&B music, I love to sing. I’m a fan of rap, country, all type of music actually.

What type of products do you use to clean your house?

I use kaboom alot and pine-sol, bleach, lemon ammonia, i use glade spray and carpet fresh. Gain dish washing liquid. sos pads are life. Angel’s did you know you can clean your tub with an sos pad & kaboom? OMG it’s like having a new tub/shower every time… 🙂

Do you have a southern country voice?

LMBO!! yes i do actually and when i get upset it’s like country mix wit city folk voice and Jamaican…with broken english…i be so ready to get it out… yonda’ is in my vocab. LOL

Fav. animal?

Awwww. I love animals. Dog. But i am over the top for butterflies. It’s butterflies all over my bathroom….don’t judge me. lol I love the way panda’s look and the green thing in the geico commercial… ***not really eat him but OMG I JUST WANNA EAT HIM** LMBO!! How cute is his little face.

When you did the clip in sew in did you buy your clips from ebay?

The first time i ever did custom clip in extensions i did. Until i seen them in my current new hair store i like in gboro. I currently get them from ebay. But honestly hun it’s better to just get them from ebay because you get so much more for you money. I love my coins doll. Save.

What’s your fav. from bath & body works?

I”m glad you ask this because i really really need this one bottle of lotion it’s a xmas bottle and it’s has blue paper i have the bottle on my nightstand. I love love love it. I’ll tell you angle’s the name later….. but i got it xmas 2013 and havent found another bottle since. :/ But my fav. is ALL OF THEM!! LOL! NO…. not in this order>> velvet sugar, japanese cherry blossom, mad about you, french lavender honey. life.com Every morning after shower neck to toe.

What idea’s do you have for your boutique business?

At this time i just really want more clothes but my heart is a little wrapped up on should the name still be CSW or i was thinking the name be different but have both CSW and the new name on the tags. IDK…lol but i do want clothes. Angel’s i’m sure you’ve seen what a beach bag looks like….i want to make bags like that. I’m so in love with purses and i make tote bags but i’m kinda over the short purse look “for myself”… i’m into the more mid size square shape betsy johnson type purses now. I would like to make those for my shop as well.

Was your mom sweet like you?

Awww that’s so nice. My mom was beyond sweet she was awesome.com. She listen to my type of music, we went shopping, swimming, had girls night…me her and my little sis used to sit an watch all the housewives shows back to back eating and having girl talk. Lovedit.com I miss her but the times we had together was awesome and it helps keep my head above water. I carry her advice with me…it has pushed me to do better and keep my dream alive in my head….i have passion for everything i do and working alone is hard so i’m in control of everything…it gets a little hard some days.

I like your clip in sew in when will you start selling the hair? What’s the name?

I dont have a name for it yet and to buy the hair you have to contact me for more details it’s not posted online for sale yet. If you purchase this hair it will be by a brand i picked….if you would like a specific brand you have to purchase the hair.  Just email me and we can go from there. CreativeMindCorp2005@gmail.com


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