Hey Angel’s

I’m do apologize about yesterday. The whole day just went……i really dont know how to explain it. LOL

I got up to talk to you guys, went to the nail shop, meet the sweeties girl in the world. She wanted me to go out to eat with her and go with her to get her hair done….i could have done it but i dont cut short hair. :/ I kinda wish i did but i’m scared to cut short hair…lol. So i was with her for awhile…i’m such a sweet person i make friends fast. We had a great time. So after that i went out with another friend  a few places and while i was out ii picked up a light for my living room i have one all ready but i wanted a taller lamp…i’m thinking about redecorating my living room again and i thought a tall lamp would be perfect for the look i’m going for. I got back home fixed me something to eat and clean up. I was all over the city yesterday.

Angel’s I dont like my nails so i’m thinking about going back today and have my personal stylist change it up a little. My nails are ink and gold. And the way it looks on the short nail pic was gorg.com and when i got mine done i wasnt feeling it i thought it would grow on my through out the rest of the day but……….so i’ll be going back today and i’ll show you guys what i come up with later. 🙂

XOXO luv you guys talk to you later.


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