Hey Luvs

Hey angel’s I haven’t talk to you guys in a while i hope your dong okay! I hope yo had a great weekend and your having a great week, I hope you enjoyed your father’s day. My father’s day was great. My best friend and her soon spent fathers day with me and her son. We went to a cookout and i went out to get her  bday gift her bday is Saturday. I got her this really cute purse and some balloons. She loved it. I’m doing her hair in sew in for her bday. I’ll take pics when i do it…that’s if she aint in a rush to get out the door. LOL. Well you guys i got this video for you. I was at the cook out on fathers day so i missed it. I google and YouTube it until i found it 🙂 LOL I love family feud and it’s time for the celeb ff. Check out the Braxton’s and the Anderson’s 🙂

I’m yelling at the screen like “TATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” LOL


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