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Well angel’s you know that one of my favorite shows is Shark Tank. Last Friday was a really great show. This one guy comes up with this idea…it makes your bed warm and cool. It was a good idea BUT he priced it at $399. Like that’s a mattress or somebodies rent. if i remember correctly I think Mr. Wonderful said people will mistake it for a vacuum. LOL it really did look like a vacuum tho. He made Lorie mad because he wasn’t listening. I think if your trying to do business with someone or in search of having someone join your team with one of your business ventures. Be careful. Don’t deal with fast talkers an people that can’t take a breath when trying to sale you a product. #Notagoodlook.com

I think Lorie did the right thing she said “if you don’t answer my question. I’m out” He was still going and going and going he wouldn’t hush. So Lorie said “okay I’m out”

I also love when they do flash of old episodes “where are they now” READY FOR NEXT FRIDAY SHOW!! 🙂 If your watching this for the first time you can catch it on ABC 7pm 🙂

June 21st at 8pm Family Feud will be having a Celebrity game. I love watching the feud Steve Harvey s everything. #tofunny There will be football players & actors on the show i can’t wait to see this. 🙂

Also on the 21st at 9pm there is this show called Battlebots and it looks pretty awesome i think i’ll check it out.

More about Battlebots here:




The new Samsung Active Wash “Sink Washer” is #life I so love this washer the sink was a great idea and this is what makes it HOT it can do a full wash cycle in 36mins or less.

More details here:


So you think you can dance?? LOL

I watched this the other night and was blown away… I grew up dancing and singing and i really enjoyed watching the show. They had some really great dancers. And i was so happy to see the krump dancing team. I can’t remember what year i see them but i was so happy to see them on the show they are really doing there thing. I first got introduce to krump by watching Chris Brown. I remember showing my mom and she enjoyed watching me krump but she was scared i would hurt my arms….about a year later..that i did…i hurt my arm. Krumping isn’t hard to do but you have to be careful. It’s like a…. hard, in the zone type dance. lol but i love it tho. Your pop locking has to be on point and it’es mostly freestyle so you can do whatever. It also involves being flexible and the face paint was life. I had lipstick and eyeshadow and aint all over my face in my room when i was younger getting down. LMBO! #BIGSMILE #lovekrump

Check it out here:

The guy in this first video (tight eyez) will be on the show and he will be the leader of the street team. I’m so proud of them. 🙂

Watch the movie:

#thatsall 😉


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